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Hello everyone. I'm back. I am currently on my honeymoon with the loves of my life. My two forevers. Aiko and Phillip. Them to together are something else. Aiko has accepted Phillip genuinely now and not faking the funk. And Phillip. Well hes just Phillip. Except he has stopped hiding the fact he's possessive and obssesed with me also. He went ahead and admitted when we were in the elevator on my first day he wanted to fuck me then. He wanted me to think of Aiko negatively. But it backfired. I ended up in sunshine dick land with my sexy asian. Until he got scared and I had to lean on Phillip. I was in denial. I mean Phillip is fine and easy going. That is till he feels as I quote Mr. Nutty "I will fuck somebody up about my candy".

But anyway were in Dubai on a man-made beach. Let me tell you. Your girl is pleasantly worn the fuck out. Aiko is trying to make sure I get pregnant by him first. But Phillip keep catching a bitch. Now when all three of us are together he wheres a condom. But as soon as Aiko sleep or leave he tapping my ass unprotected. I told yall he sneaky. Its suppose to be Aikos baby 1st, then his 16months after. I know yall saying resist. But hell he is very persuasive. Phillip will eat me and make me cum so hard. I cant focus. And then when you realize it he got my legs all on his shoulders. So im hoping Aikos took first.

Enough about that.

"Baby are you ready to come out the water?" Aiko said.

"Yeah come on baby, we miss you" Phillip said.

She looked at both of them and sexily said "Come get me".

Aiko and Phillip both at the same time grabbed their crotch and went in.

1hr30 minutes later....
A passed out Celine was taken to their private cabana. Her husbands bathed her and put her in a nightgown.

Aiko laid his wife in the bed. And Phillip put a light throw across her. Then they both laid on opposite sides of their wife and went to sleep.

What type of surprise will happen next? Tell me what direction Im going in
I can tell you one thing it will be juicy and unthinkable

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