Clean up

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Y/N and Naruto stood in front of Tsunade as she sat at her desk. She was confused as to why such a precious young lady was wrapped up with a train wreck like Naruto. "Do you have parents young lady?" She asked. "Oh well...I have a father and his name is Usui Senju." The room fell silent as Y/N said that, a surprised look came onto her face. "As in Senju...Senju? Son of the 1st hokage Senju?...." Tsunade stood up and looked at Y/N deeply in her eyes. It felt like she was staring into her soul.

"Erm...Y-Yeah-" Y/N uttered. "YOU MUST BE LOADED HAHA!!!" Naruto shouted with a slight laugh. "Mind giving me some cash!" Tsunade threw a bundle of papers at Naruto angirly. "Shut up and be respectful!" Y/N laughed at the two of them a bit, they must've known each other for a very long time, they had a good relationship together. "I'm sorry I've been so timid and shy. It's just been a long time since I've been here.." Y/N bowed and apologized to the two of them. A smile came across Tsunade's face. "No need to apologize...the one who should be apologizing is Naruto.." Tsunade glared at Naruto's annoying face. 

"It was just an old prank, just to indulge in those good ole memories ya old hag." Naruto complained. Tsunade almost ripped Naruto in half but she composed herself and sat back in her seat. "If that monument isn't cleaned off by the time the sun sets, I'll wipe the floor with you." Tsunade scowled at him and got back to her work. "I can help you Naruto. Only if you would like." Y/N said with a slight smile. Naruto didn't say anything, he just grabbed Y/N's hand and walked out of Tsunade's office. "That old lady is always nagging me." Y/N could feel her face getting hot as he held her hand.

As he was dragging her along, that's when she remembered who he was...the boy at the creek. All of the memories came flooding back and her eyes began to tear up a bit. That was the last time she had a good memory before she was shipped off by her father. Naruto heard sniffling and crying so he whipped his head around to see Y/N in tears. "Stuck with a crybaby." He said huffing as he dragged her along to the monument. When he said that she laughed and began crying even more, she wasn't upset at all, she had absolutely no idea why she was crying the way she was. 

When they got to the top of the monument, there was already cleaning supplies up there waiting for them. Naruto sighed and began scrubbing, so did Y/N. "Why were you crying Y/N?" Naruto asked. She had to think for a moment...she wasn't sure if she should tell him she knew him. "I just...I think....I've met you before...when we were kids." She said bashfully. Naruto pulled up the sleeves of his jacket before getting closer to Y/N, with every step he took towards her, she took a step back. Y/N backed herself up onto a wall and Naruto got in her face. He was inches away from her lips. "N...aruto-" she uttered, he looked her in the eyes with a smile before glancing at her lips.

"Yeah, I remember you. Jeez, no wonder." He said scratching the back of his head as he observed her closely before saying"You sure did grow into your looks Y/N.." Naruto looked her up and down once more before backing away and staring her down with a teasing grin. Y/N couldn't even look at him, part of her was annoyed that he'd toy with her like that. So...before she smacked him upside the head, she just went back to work. He got lucky this time. Naruto did the same, giving her glance after glance as time passed on.

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