Chapter 7

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Mia's pov

"What?!?" Thats all that came out from my mouth when my mind was able to internalized the thing that the guy said.

"You heard me." He repeated each words like I was stupid or something. My anger fizzed up more. I glance back immediately at Adrian and look in his eyes for some answer,but my remaining hope vanished when I saw in his eyes the confirmation that the man was saying the truth.

I exhaled heavily. Suddenly all went quiet and I can feel that they are looking at me... Waiting for my reaction...

"You mean to say Adrian that...he is the real thing...the donor?" Carlie was the one who broke the deafening silence when it seems like no one wants to talk. I saw in my peripherals that Adrian nodded. Then he looked at me again. I let a breath out. I tried to calm the angry monster inside me.

"Okay.... So... Everthing is clear then. He is the donor and so the truth is out, nothing thing to worry about. Everything can come back to normal. I'll just explain to Shilo the truth and everything will be ok. Things will continue the way it is." I stated nonchalantly. I dont know if everyone listened cause as I look at them nobody seems to react nor to agree with me. I looked at Carlie and I hate the way he looks at me right now. He looks at me symphatetically like I am a person to be pity with. He bit his lips and looked away from me.

"You think everything will be alright? Yeah for you it will be. But how about my son. How about his feelings now that he knew that his father exists and an arm length away from his touch" Lucian said with a firm tone. My eyes blazed at him.

"Dont call him that! You dont have any rights to care for his welfare! You dont know anything about him! You might be his biological father but that is only it!" I fumed. For the firstime in my life I got furious this much. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as if it wants to break free from my frustration with this man. If he was shock with my outburst it didnt show in his aristocratic face. Even now in the midst of my rage I can clearly see the spitting resemblance of my son to him. Every angle and feature of his face reminds me of Shilo. No doubt he is the donor.

"You are right that I dont know him. Youre right that I dont have anything to say to about him. But you have to think clearly about how your selfish actions will or is affecting your child? Didn't you see how reacted when he saw me a while ago? This is what is going to happening when people do something only for their self satisfaction reasons." He exclaimed expelling dominance from his arrogant face. His words were like shards of ice cutting through me.

I gritted my teeth. I admit that I was hurt from his bluntness. But the hell that I'll let him see it. I felt Carlie's hand on my shoulder. I look at Carlie's face that is full of compassion.

"Mia....You know more than I am that Shilo needs a father figure...we have been talking about this through and through. And now that Shilo already knows his existence o f course he'll ask for him. You need him so that Shilo will understand much better " Carlie said as if preventing the conversation to boil further.

"I don' t need his help." I said with defiance showing in my eyes while looking at the man. My ego was hurt badly by his words. But not a chance in the world that I'll ask help from this brusque guy nor show to him thay I am helpless.

A calculated smile broke from his face as his silver eyes shone with mockery. It's really insulting the way he looks at me like everything is figured out and planned.It made more irritated. I hate this man's guts. I turn my back at them and walk to the condominium's glass door without glancing back.

Lucian' POV

I looked at the retreating back of the ice queen. I was left with Adrian after Carlie, the gay friend of the icy queen apologize to us about how her majesty's act. I will definitely agree if they say to my face that it was my fault that this conversation ended like this. But hell I want to shake that cool facade that aggravating woman is showing.

"Couple of bottles would definitely be great to end this day." I said as I look at my friend. His eyes burrowed as he sits comfortably on the wooden chair.

" So everything is okay with you?" He looks at me with confusion. Of course who's going to be in normal state when you unexpectedly discovered that you already have a 5year old son.

I crossed my arm on my chest.

"Up until now my mind is still trying to digest the bomb that you had dropped today and as much as I would love to punch your face right now until I'm satisfied. My sister might kill me for damaging your face. So I'm trying to thinking over it" I announced. We both laughed.

"I know you'll not going let this pass Luc..not just that easily. And speaking of your sister... You know her she's probably going to report this to your mother once she got her hands on her phone" Adrian stated.

"Yeah...I know that fact. My mother has been itching me for a grandchild."
My sister Agatha and this bastard has already have a son. But of course this bastard brother-in-law of mine also needs an heir to their massive business chains like me. Then without asking he unknownly resolved my problem. Now I dont need to endure the company of the socialite women that my mother is shoving to my nose. All I have to do is to deal with that complicated woman.

"So you are brewing something huh?" Adrian looked at me supsiciously
when he stood up from the wooden chair.

I smiled shrewdly at him.

"Will you help me then?"

"Well with your connections, not to mention the money. I think you wont need me any more my friend." He said smugly.

"Yes, considering those but since I'm new to this country I definitely need an alliance to someone who's more familiar. Specially you are the one that has a connection with that exasperating woman." I said.

"Well then, we're back in business my friend. " Adrian smiled slyly.

"Like the old days brother." I replied mirroring the smile on my friend's face.

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