Hot springs..

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Naruto and Y/N snuck around Konoha until they safely made it to the hot springs. It was a struggle trying to get there without being noticed but they made it. Luckily when they arrived the owner wasn't too upset to see Naruto. It was actually somewhat of a small reunion. "A new girlfriend? No way a modest looking girl like this settled for Naruto! BAHA!" The owner laughed as he spoke. "What are ya even talking about?! She's just a friend and I'm doin' something nice! As you can see we both need a bath..." Naruto snapped back, a slight blush spread across his face. 

The owner continued to laugh and gave them everything they needed. Y/N followed Naruto into the mens area of the hot springs. She was shocked to see a bunch of nude men. Y/N let out a small yelp and dropped everything in her arms to cover her eyes. Naruto jumped as all the items fell to the floor. He turned around and was shocked to see her, he automatically assumed she knew to go to the womens area. "Girl what are you doing?!" Naruto shouted, he pushed her out of the mens area quickly and set his belongings down, he picked up her things then went back out to speak with her. 

Y/N stood there shocked still...she saw so much hair...and...and....MALE PARTS. "Oh no Y/N...What were you thinking?" She mumbled to herself. As she said that Naruto came up to her with her things. "Y/N...Sounds like a familiar name, that's your name?" Naruto said to her curiously. She nodded her head and dropped her hands from her eyes. "You aren't allowed to come with me in the mens bath ya know..." He spoke to her in a soft tone. He began leading her to the womens area, he was starting to think this girl was a bit slow. 

"Right!...I knew that. I promise I did...It's just that..following you just seemed like the most natural thing to do. If that makes sense. It felt, better." Y/N tried to explain herself, but she realized she was starting to sound a bit dumb. Naruto let out a small sigh and gave her another smile. "Yeah, maybe I bumped into you a bit too hard." Naruto handed her all of her things. "Let's meet back up in this spot alright?" Naruto didn't say another word, he just went to wash himself up. "Naruto..." Y/N whispered as she went into the womens area. After a lot of dilly dallying and day dreaming in the womens hot springs she got out and dressed herself into some proper clothes. 

Naruto was waiting for her. He shot up when he saw her. "What took ya so long...jeez?" Naruto said as he grabbed her hand and began dragging her along. "Sorry...You know it's not very polite to drag a girl around like this. My feet are tired and I'm quite hungry." Y/N spoke to him in a soft tone. She was right, Naruto had been dragging her along with his shananigans for a long time. "Yeah...Yeah you're right. Sorry Y/N...How about-" Before Naruto could finish his sentence, a woman with a long blonde ponytail and a green robe came into the womens area with the men that were chasing Y/N and Naruto earlier.

"NARUTO! You've caused nothing but trouble today!" The lady shouted at him and raised her fist, she looked like a raging bull. "LADY TSUNADE-" Naruto screamed. He had nowhere to run, his pranking finally caught up to him. "It was just a prank! Like the good ole days..heh..." Naruto mumbled. Tsunade grabbed Naruto by the ear and dragged him along. She paused and looked at Y/N, "Bring this young woman along too please." Tsunade said coldly. Y/N didn't hesitate to follow this older woman. 

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