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     Bob looked into the mirror as he tied his deep, navy blue tie. He thought he might be wearing something a little too fancy for a first date. But he knew he had to dress to impress. Bob had a feeling Celia would be wearing a very short, red dress for this evening's dinner so he wanted to match that and go with a well-fitted black suit with his lucky tie.
     Bob knew that he would spend a fortune on Celia but he didn't care too much. He'd been chasing Celia for quite a while. He finally got her to bite when he casually mentioned Bob's family had so much money that they didn't know what to do with it.
     Yeah. She may like the rich boys but that's another thing Bob didn't care about. What Bob did care about was her long, blonde hair and her soft lips. The way Celia's hips moved as she walked and her showy tops that always slipped down when she bent over.
     Face it. She's irresistible. So Bob's finally got her and he's not gonna let her go until he gets what he wants. That's where his lucky tie comes in handy.
     Bob was rethinking his plan for the night as he drove his matte black mustang to her house. They'd go out to dinner and have a great time. He'd throw a few teasers to her as they walked out of the restaurant. Enough to make her want more out of him. Then, it would be all in the moment from then on. His house. Her house. Or the car if they couldn't wait that long.
     Bob calmed himself down as he turned off the engine and went up to the door. Before he could knock, Celia's mother opened the door. He was about to say hello but his jaw nearly dropped as Celia came down the staircase. He couldn't stop staring. Her dress was shorter than short and fire truck red. Black high heels and a black handbag were the only accessories she needed.
     Bob tried to pay attention to her mother as she said good bye to them but he was too busy thinking about the body that was going to be next to him in the car. He swore the car ride to the restaurant was the longest time he had ever spent driving. All he wanted to do was get closer to her. But he had to wait. He had to stick to the plan.
     So they got their table and sat down. The night was going as planned. Their dinner was fantastic and their conversations were even better. But that was until Bob realized the bartender was cat calling Celia. He couldn't believe how unprofessional he was being. He became very annoyed and quite angry.
     Bob was trying his best to ignore the bartender but it got to a point where he had to stand up and do something about it. He excused himself from the table and went over to the bar. The bartender blushed as Bob leaned over the bar, which surprised him. Bob was expecting the bartender to be ready to fight for Celia.
     And before Bob could say anything, the bartender asked, "Hi, boy. What's your name?"
Bob immediately answered with, "Bob. We need to talk."
     "Oh, I don't think we will be doing much of that. " replied the bartender. Bob was fully expecting a fist fight now as the bartender came around the corner and stood right in front of him.
     The bartender took a step forward and Bob cracked his knuckles. But Bob was completely dumbfounded as the bartender smirked and pulled a hand out of his pocket just to reach around and lay it on the small of Bob's back. Bob had no idea how to react so he didn't. And the bartender took it a step farther. Bob found the bartender's hand move down to his butt.
     That was enough for Bob. He pushed the man back into the bar and took a step in the bartenders direction as he realized the bartender had been cat calling him, not Celia.      Bob was about to make a very serious threat when the bartender stopped him and whispered in his ear, "Hush. I told you there wouldn't be much talking. Now. It s time for me to have fun with Bob."

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