A and D (14)

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I heard voices. I took my time as I opened my eyes. I frowned as I realized that I was in my room. It suddenly spun, making me grimace. I suddenly felt pain all over my body, but it concentrated on my right ankle. I gasped when I saw that I was wearing a cast.

I noticed that itwas late in the afternoon. I could see the dimmed blue sky through the window. My eyes scanned the room, and landed on Alyson’s. Her eyes widened when she realized that I was awake. She jumped up from where she sitting and ran out of the room while yelling my parents’ names, “Lorie! Jack! Dakota’s awake!”

She went back to my room just as quickly and helped me sat up. Her expression was full of worry and relief. I raised an eyebrow at her questioningly.

“Allie, what hap –” I stopped talking when the memory came back to me. I winced as I remembered the excruciating pain. “Nope, don’t tell me. I remember now.”

Mom and Dad were there in a matter of seconds. When they saw me, they quickly sat by each sides of my bed and hugged me.

“Oh, honey!” cried Mom. “We were so worried!” She pulled away, and looked me in the eyes. “Are you okay?”

Honestly, couldn’t she see that I was wearing a cast? And would anyone be okay if they fell off the bleachers and broke whatever bone there was that needed to be cemented or something?

I sighed. I can’t be sarcastic with them right now. They were worried.

“I guess so,” I answered, not very sure. “Why am I exactly wearing a cast? Oh my God, I see crutches.” I gasped when I saw crutches on the corner. “How long will I be wearing this thing on my right foot?”

“You sprained an ankle when you fell, Dakota,” explained Dad. “The doctor said it was a third degree sprain. You’ll be wearing a cast for at least three weeks. And then, you’ll be having physical therapy for another week after your cast has been removed. It was a good thing that you didn’t break a neck, honey.”

I pulled my head back and stared at the ceiling. I fought the tears that were threatening to come out.

Why did these things always happened to me? Why was fate so cruel about everything that concerned me?

Why can’t I have a peaceful life?

Okay, so I didn’t have the right to complain since I had loving parents and brother. My family was well-off. I had a wonderful friend that was somehow the opposite of me but still understood me. I had great extracurricular activities at school. I had finally met a guy who befriended me despite the ridiculous things they said about me in school. And I had a trustworthy best friend who was always there for me whenever I needed him, even if we always argued – and he also looked like a Greek god.

Speaking of Aaron . . .

My head shot up as I stared at my parents and Alyson.

“Where’s Aaron?” I asked them. I couldn’t recall Alyson calling his name earlier.

“He’s on his way here now,” answered Alyson.

Mom stroked my hair. She smiled as she said, “He’s calling practically every minute, checking if you’re awake. The person who did this to you was already given punishment for his actions.”

I frowned at what Mom said. “What do you mean? Someone got punished for an accident?” I asked incredulously.

“No,” Alyson quickly stepped in. “It was on purpose.”

And so Alyson told me the whole story about Ben Stanley’s grudge towards Aaron. Then, Aaron was so mad that he got Ben expelled in school – making a few punches to Ben as a bonus. She also told me that in detail, except for the part of how exactly Aaron got Ben expelled. I figured that Luke must have had told her.

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