A and D (13)

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After threats of grapes and death, ALL RIGHT, the waiting has gone long enough . . . ENJOY!



I practically ran to the Nurse’s Office as soon as I heard the news just a few minutes ago at the gym.

I was shooting hoops then. Coach divided the team into shirts and skins. After that, we would play against each other. I was placed in the skins, as usual. I was warming myself up by shooting hoops when Luke showed up for practice. Ethan and I exchanged glances. Coach was strict when it comes to tardiness. And Luke was hardly ever late. He must have had a good reason behind it.

He walked directly to Coach, and whispered something. Coach’s expression changed from scowling to understanding. At that moment, his eyes flickered to me. I stiffened. Was it about me?

Coach nodded at Luke. After that, Luke ran to me. I passed the ball to Nigel when Luke came near.

“What’s up, man?” I asked him, clearly confused.

Luke stopped in front of me. He just stared. It looked like he was looking for the right words to tell me something.

“Aaron,” he started. He shook his head. “Promise me that you won’t freak out and do something stupid when I tell you something.”

My forehead creased in anxiety. I stared at him seriously. I barely noticed Ethan went beside us. Luke knew that I wasn't irrational. So if he thought that I’d lose control over the news he was about to tell me, then the news must be as bad as hell.

“I promise,” I said carefully.

Luke studied my face, as though making sure that I wasn’t lying. When he was satisfied, he nodded. And then, he looked at me gravely.

“Dakota’s unconscious in the Nurse’s Office,” he declared.

“What?” I said out loud. A few heads turned in our direction, but I didn’t care. My eyes didn’t leave Luke’s. “Why?” I demanded.

“She fell off the bleachers by the Football field,” Luke explained calmly. “A football hit her when she was climbing down the stairs, making her lose her balance. Allie’s watching her in the – Don’t do something foolish, Aaron!” He added the last sentence loudly because I was already jogging toward the exit of the gym.

I didn’t have time to put on a shirt. I needed to see if Dakota was fine. I ignored the stares I received from the students in the hallway on my way to the Nurse’s Office. Finally, I slowed down when I got there.

I entered the Nurse’s Office receiving a gasp from Ms. Sparks, the school nurse. My eyes scanned the room, disregarding Ms. Sparks’s questions about me not wearing any t-shirt and something about a cold.

At last, I saw Alyson on the corner of the room. She immediately stood up when she saw me. She looked like she was on the verge of crying.

“Where’s Dakota?” I asked urgently before she could say anything.

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