Chapter 2.1

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They were two days upon the open ocean. The mainland hung to the north, clouded in a bluish haze by day and invisible by night. They passed by an island covered with fur seals, who swam out to investigate the ship, gambolling about in the blue-green water as the sailors threw fish heads down to them. Sometimes porpe swam alongside the prow, sporting with the slower ship, then vanishing suddenly as if called away.

Corvus disappeared into his cabin soon after they departed, and Ward was left alone to explore the ship. He learned that it was returning from the town of Obar on the coast of the Isle of Demons. They were to dock at a place called Bareheep. Though Ward had heard Jaggles mention the name before, he knew nothing of it. He wondered if it was Corvus's final destination anyway.

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In the following chapter Harry Styles finally appears on the scene, whisking you away on his flying unicorn to Love Island.

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