Stefan salvatore quotes

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"We choose our own path. Our own values and our actions, they define who we are." ~Stefan Salvatore.

"If I let myself care all I feel is pain" ~Stefan Salvatore

"One minute I think i'm fine the next I feel like i'm dying" ~Stefan salvatore

"It's probably best you don't torture yourself with memories from the past"~Stefan

"I usually keep to myself , I don't always fit in"~Stefan Salvatore

"I know how deep down you can fall, and I know how difficult it is to climb back up~Stefan Salvatore

"No matter what happens, I am here for you. I can help you."~Stefan Salvatore

"You can't be sad forever"~Stefan Salvatore

"You don't have to pretend with me."~Stefan Salvatore

"How many more ways are there for you ro rip my heart out?" ~Stefan Salvatore

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