Louis Tomlinson ( Dirty Imagine )

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"Caster!" someone shouted your name as you pulled out the earpiece from your ears.

"Huh?" You turned back to see that boy, the one that sits beside you in class.

"Caster, you dropped your storybook!" He handed it to her with care.

"Um thanks." This storybook is so precious to you, how can you almost lost it! 

You wanted to continue walking but the boy stopped you again.

He grins although your face shows annoyance.

"I'm Louis!"

"Okay. I'm Caster." you replied boredly. "Hey! But wait! You already knew I'm Caster! How did you know my name?"

He smiles sheepishly and answered, "I opened that book and saw your doodling of your name. Nice rose by the way. The one you drew at the back of the book."

You blushed. The thought of him looking at your doodling.

But still, you don't even actually know this guy.

It's only the first day of college and you hadn't even talk to anyone yet.

Most probably he was just insulting you at how silly the rose looks. 

Argh. Whatever.

"Okay thanks." You tried to walk away but he grabbed your arm before you can turn to leave.

You looked back at him and stared at his hand on your arm.

He blushed red hot immediately and quickly put his hand away from you, tugged into his pockets.

"You wanna hang out? It's the first day and we don't have any homework to do anyway." He sounded casual but his face was blushing? 

God he looks so adorable when his face looks like that. 

You find yourself giggling.

"Well, I guess we can." you agreed to his.... hanging out session?

How silly this sounds. You chuckled to yourself.

The relief on Louis face is clearly visible.

His eyes glistened with joy and you wonder why.

He's weird but it's okay, actually you are pretty weird yourself.

"So where are we going?" 

"Let's play paintball!" Louis  replied you excitedly.

"Huh? Paintball?" 

You expected him to say something like, have a meal, or movies, or a trip to the mall or something like that.... Not something so spontaneous.

But actually paintball do sound really fun!

"Yeah! Paintball is like totally fun! You get to run around and find people to aim the gun at! It's stress-relieving!" Louis gushed on like a small kid, explaining the reasons why he should not do his homework.

He is so ridiculous but funny! Well, and random but he seems to be quite a nice guy. Perhaps he can be a good friend. At least you have a partner now if any projects come up.

What a motive you have. You giggles to yourself.

"What are giggling about?" Louis looks at you curiously. 

Gosh, his eyes looks like sea blue yet a tint of deep green. Just what colour is that? you wondered.

"I was just thinking that paintball does sound like a good idea after all!" you laughed.

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