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A Short Collection After All

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Dear Reader:

This short collection of five interviews has been one of the most fun and rewarding projects since I joined Wattpad. The writers here were gracious and engaging to work with, and they entered into the spirit of virtual adventure with me without complaint or saying, "That's the silliest thing I ever heard of."

Thank you so much for reading the interviews!

I will be starting a new collection of interviews very soon—this time not limited to one particular group or community thread on Wattpad. There is great diversity here—I'd like to celebrate that!

I will send out a notice to followers when the new interview collection is launched.

I'd also like to personally thank @StoryofAshlyn for the shout-out about the interviews on The Corner Booth on the May 31 episode #11. That was amazing. I'm so glad Ashlyn was able to discover a new author, Nicole Gabor (@nngabor), after reading the interview!

Check out @TheCornerBooth to keep updated on episodes. (Sundays at 6:30 on YouTube) and to talk about the broadcasts with other viewers. They are also on Facebook and Twitter and have a chat thread found on the Cafe discussions. Their hashtag is #tcbwatt on Twitter.

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