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Yall I really can't believe I'm on chapter fifteen of the book but I really appreciate the support and comments. I'm so proud of my book and I just hope that you guys still love it. This chapter will have sexual content in it and is for mature eyes only. Yall know how I feel about writing sex scenes. I absolutely hate it, lol but I haven't done one in a minute so I feel I owe it to you guys. Please continue to tell your friends about Blasian and introduce people to wattpad! In a world of social media and pictures, and videos and games, I feel as though reading does the mind justice! Enjoyyyy


"Sister? That lonely ass bitch is your sister?... " I questioned Blasian.

"And who exactly is THIS, because I've been best friend's with LaShawn since grade school and she ain't ever mention any siblings..." Tori said as she pointed at Blasian. "The bitch doesn't even know her last name." She retorted.

"Bitch?" Blasian questioned. "Hoe you're so close from me stomping-" Blasian began to say but I cut her off.

"LEAVE." I simply said.

"Bitch you heard him...bye." Tori said as she waved at Blasian.

Blasian was about to lunge but I grabbed her. "I'm talking to you Tori, BYE." I said as I pointed to the door, while still restraining Blasian.

"Call me when you come to your senses and bitch I would have bruised that pretty ass face up even more." Tori said as she brushed passed me and Yhasmine.

My little sister looked so confused and never would I want her involved with any of the non-sense that was going on. I felt like I was doing her an injustice by having her around all this new girl friend, ex girlfriend drama. Blasian needed me and I couldn't turn my back on her. Tori would be okay.

I let go of Blasian, who fixed her clothes which were all jacked up on her due to me holding her back. She seemed pissed and she had every right to be. She went to look in a mirror and I could tell that the swollen side of her face was a problem and now an insecurity for her. I had no ice but I didn't want to leave Yhasmine and Blasian alone. I felt right now, Blasian and I needed to talk about a few things without my sister being around.

Yhasmine was seventeen and she had her license. I figured it'd be better if I stayed here with Blasian and sent Yhasmine to the store for a few things. A lot of things. I needed some time with Blasian to figure out what was going on. Why did she turn back to me of all people.

"Baby Imma get you some ice, just give me a sec'." I reassured her so she could stop stressing. "Yhasmine, I need a favor." I said as I grabbed my sister and wrapped my arms around her.

"What?" She laughed as she asked.

"Stop laughing!" I said as I laughed. "Go to the store and get her some ice and pick up some nachos and stuff for dinner tonight. Plus, take dad this money." I handed her the keys and money.

"Why I gotta do it?" She whined.

"Just please...for me?" I pleaded.

"Whatever asshole, you owe me!" She said as she rolled her eyes.

With that she got her shoes and purse and was out the door. I turned to see Blasian with a cold water to the side of her face. She looked angry and annoyed but her presence made me feel good. She still was radiant and beautiful as ever and apart of me wanted to finish what never got to happened between us but I knew right now wasn't the time.

"You mind telling me what's really popping?" I asked as I eyed her.

"What do you mean Yha-Yha?" She said it like a baby and I melted in her hands.

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