★ P R O L O G U E ★

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"NO WAY THIS CHOCOLATE IS MINE ANGEL!" Demon screams while trying to get away from Angel who was chasing her, she's Demonia Scarlet, the tsuundere girl, she's mean and cruel but she can be sweet, to sweets. She's addicted to chocolates, seriously

"TRY SHARING DEMON!" Angel yelled out while chasing Demon, and this girl chasing Demon is Angel Fremont, the yandere girl, she's calm and nice but when someone steals her chocolate she'll become mad and will chase the person that stole her chocolate. Yes, she's also addicted to chocolates.... I mean for like is chocolate really addictive?!

"I'll just buy you some chocolates Angel" I said calmly while watching the TV, and I'm Renovire Genevieve, but people mostly calls me V or Ren, I'm a nice person but I'm becoming insane because of this 2 girls!

"Really?! Thank you Ren!" Angel says as she stops chasing Demon

"Not fair! Here have this chocolate Angel" Demon said and gave her chocolate to Angel "Now buy me some chocolates V!" Demon orders

"What?! No! Buy ME some chocolates!" Angel argues but I just sighed

"I'll just buy the both of you some chocolates.... I'll be right back, don't kill each other while I'm gone" I ordered and went outside

Those two... I do know they like me...

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