100% Perfect Ch.17

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100% Perfect 

Chapter 17

McLean watched. Oh yes, his dark green eyes flitted quite quickly across the screen of the computer. He knew exactly where they were. He just liked to watch. Just like a lion, stalking its prey before jumping. McLean was not letting go of his prizes, not after so long. The girls were his life's treasure. The girls were his children. His own blood. His mindset? Tampered by greed, obsession. He was not going to lose them. He did not care if he had to kill their biological mother to get to them. He did not care if he had to kill the one woman he drugged, only to extract the ripest eggs from her ovaries to provide children. He did not care that his own wife never honestly knew, that her supposedly in-vitro children were not hers. He didn't care when she died giving birth. He didn't care at all, that he had broken the laws of not only legality, but socially as well. He did not mind at all that both of his daughters grew up in different homes, unaware that the predator stalking them was their own father. McLean is cold, heartless. Unafraid of what may happen next. He has no sense of right and wrong, for he has emotionally destroyed his girls and kept them from a normal life. Excellent father, is he not?

**Bailey's POV

It's been about a month since we left John's house. Right now we're in Oregon, living in an old barn. It's okay. The barn is run down, and no one lives on the property. Mom figured it'd be safer to stay in the barn rather than the old farm house. If anyone came searching, the house would be the first place they would look. There's also a nice, clear pond in the back. That's where I am now, resting at the bottom of the cool, smooth water. It's great, compared to sitting on all the retarded crunchy hay all day. I seriously don't know how Poppy stands it, getting all of the sticks in her shorts. It's all eww and stuff! She thinks that it's weird, how I can sit at the bottom of the pond for hours at a time, staring at the awkward fish. The fish just gaze at me, knowing that I shouldn't be there. It's funny, really, seeing the looks on their faces and hearing all the "What the crap?"s and "GET OUT!"s. I don't care. Nothing much has happened lately, other than mom and Gordon's relationship becoming more apparent. I'm not too concerned. Not like anything interesting could happen.

McLean stares on at the screen, planning his next move. Shall he go for them?

"Well Bailey, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting." He says. And they will.

**Sorry for the short chapter and taking so long to upload! The story is going to get a lot more intense, and I'm thinking it'll be cut off by around Chapter 20-22. There might even be a second book soon or a sequel to this(:

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