Chapter 2

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*Mitch POV*

It has been 7 hours of driving and we finally got to Texas. I look in my rear view mirror and see Bella sleeping. "I hope she likes Texas." I hear Katie say. "Now why would you say that ?" I ask her focusing on the road. "Honey I heard her say to Selena that she doesn't want a new life." Katie said looking out the window.

"It's true I don't want a new life." I hear Bella say I look through my rear view mirror and saw a tear slide down her cheek.

*Bella POV*

I woke up from my mom and dad talking. "Honey I heard her say to Selena that she doesn't want a new life." I hater my mom say. I don't know what to say so I just said. "It's true I don't want a new life." I said and before I knew it a tear slid down my cheek. After that no one talk until we got to our new house.

I was a two story house it was a tan color and look pretty like a nice cozy place. "C'mon Bella lets go check out our new house." My mom said with a lot of excitement. "Ok I'm coming." I said weakly. I walk into the house and it was actually look beautiful and cozy. I walk upstairs and look around I went to the door and open it. It was a light purple room with a queen size bed and with a white dresser and desks.

"We plan this room just for you." I hear my dad say leaning on the door frame and my mom by his side. "Thanks dad it actually beautiful." I say looking at the room again. "Well why won't you start unpacking and clean your new room a bit." my mom says before leaving with my dad.

I look around my room and start unpacking. Then I look up and look trough my window and see girl about my age across from me. I open my window and tap on her window. Yea that how close the house are in my new neighborhood. Then she look up from her laptop and smiled.

She went over and open her window. "Hi my name is Sarena." she says and smiled. "Hey my name is Bella." I said back. "So I guess you just move and it seems like I saw you somewhere once." she said looking at me closely. "Oh you might of seen me on some magazine with my sister Selena Gomez." I said back.

"OMG your THE Bella Gomez !" she said almost yelling into my ear. "Yup that's me." I say sarcastically. "Well it nice to meet you." Sarena said before handing me a piece of paper with her number on it. "Hey why won't you come over." I say looking at her. "Ok ill be over in ten minutes." she said before closing her window.

*Sarena POV*

OMG I can't believe that THE Bella Gomez move right next door to me. I was getting ready to go over to Bella's house so I wore a blue tang top, jeans, and black TOMS. "Mom I'm going over to my new friends house !" I shout from the front door. "Ok be home by six !" I hear her shout back from the kitchen.

I was walking to her house when I her whistling I look over to see Austin and Alex. "What do you guys want." I say looking at them with discuss. "Well all I want is to see you idiot move out the way so I can check out that black mustangs."Austin says back be for pushing me to the ground.

Let me just say that Austin and Alex are bully's and players. They like dated half the girls in school including me. I dated Alex like for a month then broke up. I stupid to date him but I was only a freshman. Well back to reality. "I'm sorry for blocking your way of your future wife." I say looking sorry.

"Shut up and go we don't want yo ass around here." Alex says before slapping me in the face.

After that I just ran right to Bella's house.


A/N: I hope you guys like it and I just want to say in some of my chapter I might have bad and swear words in it so yea. - Mickey xo

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