So, I chose to make this. :) enjoy!


Olivia's P.O.V

"So tell me again, why are we breaking into a really famous nightclub, just to sopposedly watch the boxers fight in the ring?" I asked the girls, while slowing down my pace so that I was behind them.

"Oh come on, you've never heard of the really tough and bad boxer, Niall Horan," Melanie complained.

"Well sorry, I don't spend my time gossiping about bad boys like you guys always do," I replied.

"We don't always talk about the bad boys!" Nancy defended.

"We sometimes talk about the good boys!" Carly said.

"It depends. . ." Hailey added.

"Great," I said, sarcastically. We turned the corner and lights from the club flashed. I could hear the anouncer anouncing the winner of the end of a match.

"I've been waiting for a year to finally see Niall Horan in person!" Nancy squealed.

"Why are you all so in love with this guy?" I asked, annoyed.

"Trust me, once you see him, you'll be drooling!" Melanie said. I shrugged my shoulders as we brought up our plan. They chose me, being the youngest one to sneak into this famous boxers dressing room - Do boxers even have dressing rooms? According to Hailey, they do - and somehow find a piece of something he has touched. Obsessive much?

We walked down an alley that led to a back door of the nightclub. Unfortunatly, my luck was low. The door opened, reveiling a worker throwing away garbage. As he was walking, his back facing me, I quickly ran inside, letting the door close. I was completely lost. There were staires that went up, and staires that went down. The staires that go down must be the basement . . . right?

I ran up the stairs. I stopped and rested my hands on my knees, panting hard. Man, I need a work out. I stood up straight and slowly opened the door infront of me. I looked left and right. A sign pointed to the right read, "Arena". The left sign, I couldn't read because I was hearing footsteps behind me. I quickly turned left and ran down the hall, trying to find a cover.

I looked both ways before climbing into a dirty trash can and crouching down to hide myself. I felt a slimey substance drip on me. Oh, they are so going to get it once I'm done with this. Voices were heard. It came closer until it was infront of the trash can. I felt something hit my back, liquid trailing inside my shirt. I almost gagged at the smell of beer. Great, I have gooey substance and beer all over me. I probably smell like a zoo animal. The voices faded away, making it quiet.

I quickly hopped out of the trash can, my hair and outfit all wet. A door opened, making me crouch down behind the trash can.

"Lets go practice," A strict voice sounded.

"Alright," Another voice spoke. It sounded more young and quite dull. They passed me and walked down. I checked out both of them. One was too old, the other seemed to be my age, 19.

He had blond-ish brunette hair and a white tank with black shorts and black sneakers. He had a couple of tattoos, well from behind you could tell. I looked down the opposite hall to see the door slowly closing. I quickly jumped up and saved the door from closing. I looked down the hall where they walked down.

Not seeing them, I took this chance to read the door. "Niall Horan" A smirk grew on my face as I walked in, quietly closing the door, even though it could close itself.

I looked around the neat room. Nothing out of place. I wanted to examine more, but that's not why I'm here. I looked for something to take. I hate how they are making me do this.