~Chapter One~

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---The Prophecy---
(Seamus's Point of View)

Another century. Another school. Another search. I have lost track of how many schools I have searched over the years, and I still haven't found her. It has been over two hundred years of non-stop searching for her, my beloved. I needed to find her so I ...so we could take our rightful place on the throne and rule by each other's side. I had to find her and finally fulfill the prophecy.
    The prophecy only she, whoever she was, could make come true. She would be the reason my kingdom rose to greatness, or fell to ruins according to the words of the sage. I could still remember every rhyming word of the mystic prophecy as if each one was imprinted upon my brain, my heart... my soul.

Your beloved you shall find
In the world you have left behind.

A precious stone she shall be,
Both figuratively and literally.

To find her you may want,
But understand, she won't.

Without your beloved you cannot survive.
Find her and you can only thrive.

In the end your struggles will pay off
Because without her your kingdom falls to chaos.

Make her yours and help her cope,
For she is the young king's only hope.

The ominous words continued to replay in the back of my mind as I collected my new schedule from the front office of my new school. I slowly began to walk to my first class.
I was determined to find her this time. She was worth too much to let slip through my fingers...she was too important.

Don't worry my love, soon I will find you.

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