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**A/N Okay, before you read, this is my first attempt at fan fiction ever so please let me know what you think!

AND I should mention that this story takes place as if we were in season 11 and Emily came back to join the team again and then they have a new team member

Okay now enjoy reading ;)


The colour of the sky was not black but one could see little sparkly white dots in the very very dark blue. Reid was currently turning in bed, trying to fall back asleep again.

He didn't know what time it was and honestly he didn't care- the team had gotten a day off today and they had earned it.

Lately these dark dreams had disquieted him again, there were creatures lurking in his subconscious that he couldn't explain and he didn't like not being able to make something comprehensible.

The bags under his eyes would only get darker and darker and Reid knew that the team would catch on, Morgan had already asked him on the plane ride back home if everything was being okay. He waved him off, even though he knew that he, or someone else, was going to ask again. He couldn't hold it against them, they were his family.

He tried to close his eyes again but it was to no use.

Spencer gave up when he heard raindrops falling outside, turned a few times and then desperately kicked his blanket off of him and got up.

He traveled over to his kitchen where he made himself a coffee and poured the perfect amount of sugar in it. Then he grabbed his mug as well as a few books on his way back to the bedroom.

He got lost in the written word and didn't notice the sky turning lighter and brighter with every book he read. But he jolted up when he heard that his phone was ringing.

The screen read Hotch, and not the anonymous number he lately saw on the display every once in a while, and Reid immediately knew that he had to get up because there was a new case. He accepted the call and wasn't surprised when Agent Hotchner said that they should gather in the conference room.

He then lifted himself up laboriously, got dressed and snatched his satchel. He locked the door and got on his way to the FBI building in his car.

On his way he noticed a black SUV following him, he tried to switch lanes but the SUV would follow him constantly.

At a red light he searched for his phone in vain, probably forgot it at home.

He tried not to think of the car following him, if he got to work, he would be safe.

The road cleared out and there were now two black SUVs and these were the only cars around except for his.

He tried to get out of the abandoned road, but couldn't, one of the vehicles was in front and the other behind him.

He had to apply the brakes fast as the car in front of him abruptly stopped and the car behind him drove into him.

There was someone coming out from each of the cars bashing his window in and one injected something into his neck.

He didn't see that coming.

* Aaron's point of view *

Shortly after I called everyone in for the new case, there was a knock on my office door.

"The door is open", I called.

It was the new agent who opened the door. She smiled at me and extended her hand for me to shake,

"Heather Jayce, nice to finally meet you personally, Agent Hotchner", she said.

"Call me Hotch", I got up, smiled back and shook her hand, "let's get to the conference room, there is already a case waiting for us to solve".

We got into the room, where the rest of the team was already waiting. But apparently Reid didn't make it to work.

"Where's Reid?", I asked but everyone just shrugged.

It was quite unusual for him to appear late to work. I shrugged it off, thinking nothing about it.

"Okay, well, team this is Dr. Jayce, Dr. Jayce this is SSA Rossi, Prentiss, Jareau, Morgan and Penelope Garcia, our technical analyst.", Dr. Jayce gave them all a small wave of her hand as a greeting and smiled.

"Garcia could you call Reid and see where he is? I can take over presenting the case."

"Yes, Sir." Garcia replied and made her way out of the conference room.

"There have been several abductions of women in their late 20s in Seattle throughout the last few months. The first woman that was abducted, Lisa Fray, was found two days ago not far from where she was allegedly abducted. She was stabbed several times which was the cause of death and she had been raped. The second victim, Amanda Weiss, was found yesterday, she had several stab wounds and had been raped as well. The Unsub dressed them in white gowns and cut their hair before he deposited the victims at the places they were found."

Jayce flipped through the file and then spoke up, "I read that they were both stabbed over eighty times, which implies an overkill. I also assume that the Unsub is around the same age as the victims. The white gown reminds me of wedding dresses and the fact that he cuts their hair.. Maybe he was left at the altar by a woman that looks like these victims, their facial features all look alike, the blonde hair, brown eyes".

She closed the file and looked up at everyone looking at her, she flashed us her smile again and stroked a piece of her brown hair behind her ear.

"I would say the same," Morgan said, "and the fact that he placed their hands on their bodies like that and how there is no blood on the dresses, he definitely killed them before and maybe felt remorse hence why he had to put them there like that."

I nodded, "Wheels up in thirty."

**A/N hi :) so this is the first chapter, please let me know what you think and feel free to point out mistakes, thanks for reading <3

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