A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (17) Part 1

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"Ple-please whoever you are just please stop, leave me alone." I practically whimper it out, I'm so scared. The person stops, and I bravely turn my head to face him. I would recognize those cerulean blue eyes anywhere, it's Will.

Oh, my, god!


Whitney's (Pov)

Why is he doing this?

"Will, Will is that you?" Even though I'm positive it's him, I just don't want to believe it. He leans his face in closer to mine and lets his eyes wander over my face.

Now I have no doubt it's him, and I still get no answer from him. He's just observing me, it’s like he's memorizing every little detail, and I can't help but do the same.

I start at his chin which has a hint of dimple. Then there’s his jaw line, very strong, defined, and angular. My eyes drift to his lips a perfect cupid’s bow; they look so soft and inviting. Even as I think this I feel the heat raising to my cheeks turning them a rosy pink.

But I just can't help myself I keep going till I'm at his nose. This is straight but gets slightly wider at the end. Then I finally come to his eyes that are framed by full light brown eyebrows, which contrast well with his golden blond hair that ends at the neck line.

All in all he's gorgeous; any girl would go completely weak at the knees over him. I mean I've always notice how hot he is, but I've never got the chance or the guts to be this up close and personal.

I then realize I'm staring into his eyes and that he is staring right back into mine. Oh god his eyes, I would have to say are my favorite part. Their almond shaped and even though the irises seem to change colors often their always rich and vibrant.

I can't believe I'm even thinking all these things, I need to stop, and he needs to get off. But the longer I look into eyes the harder it is to stop. Then I slowly begin to see his eyes change color, what once were a deep cerulean blue are now becoming a rich indigo. And his hair is changing from a golden blond to an ash blond.

What's going on?

While all this is happening his face keeps getting closer and closer to my own. My heart rate is still beating rapidly but for a whole different reason this time. I can't and don't want to take my eyes away from his.

In the back of my mind I know he could be hypnotizing me, and I know I should try to throw him off, and I know this is wrong. But all those thoughts are slowly slipping away from me, and I don't care anymore about anything other than the guy in front of me.

Finally his face is so close to mine, that our noses lightly touch, but I continue to gaze into his eyes, still unsure of what might happen.

My first thought is will he kiss me?

Do I want him to kiss me?

Why would he want to kiss me?

I'm suddenly broken from my trance as the strong smell of alcohol drifts to my nose. Oh god, that's why he's doing this, because he's drunk or maybe even worse "wasted."

He's not interested in me he's just drunk and looking for "a good time."

That thought alone made me feel sick and hurt. I immediately break my arms out of his grip which had loosed up considerable while I was in his trance. I push him as hard as I can and try to throw him off, but again my luck comes in to play.

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