Abused mate #2

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Olivia's POV
After my morning beating was over I decided that it would be a good time to clean the whole pack house since the alpha or beta didn't give me anything else to do. I started with cleaning the kitchen then made my way around the first floor of the pack house and then started climbing up the stairs to get to the second floor when all of a sudden I number into somebody and I felt sparks erupt all over my body. I knew not to get my hopes up because my mate would reject me anyway, so I looked down at my old torn plain white shirt and said "excuse me" in the quietest voice I could muster. I tried to walk around my mate but when I was about to pass him he took ahold of my upper right arm and yanked me down in front of him. That's when I decided to look at him, he was breathtaking, he had baby blue eyes brown/blonde hair and had a dark complexion, that's when I realized that my mate was the alpha and I looked him in the eyes (major sign of disrespect). I couldn't help the gasp that left my lips at the next sentence that came out of his mouth.

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