Request: Evan - The Awakening of James Island/ Echoes of the Past

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Evan from The Awakening of James Island and Echoes of the Past!!! Amazing books with an equally as amazing author Alecc0! He has helped me immensely in my study of writing when I had Paragon King up. I am ever so grateful! I hope I was able to render Evan somewhat properly for you! Thank you for the opportunity to fill this request! :D

I went with a bit more of an exaggerated style, lighting, and coloring method this time around. I'm trying to experiment a bit , see what style I like. It's kind of a long step away from previous realism but not too long. 

I will be working a lot with lighting and pursuing a more realistic style after requests are complete. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I prefer realism and drama in my paintings. :3 

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