Playground Accident

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AN: Phan!child au where child!Dan gets injured on the playground and child!Phil helps him.

Warnings: mentions of injury, extreme cuteness

Relationship status: well they're kids so obvs friends but if i had to write a whole life story they'd be in love in the end


Dan screamed as he fell from the monkey bars. He started crying. "Mommy!" He yelled. No one heard him. He was injured, really bad. "H-hello?" Someone called out from behind. Dan turned around. A boy with ginger hair seemed to have heard him. "Are you okay?" He ran over to Dan. "I f-fell off." He cried. "My mum's a doctor! Maybe she could help!" Phil told him. "T-thank you. I don't mommy heard me." Phil helped Dan up. "I'm Phil." He introduced. "Dan." Dan said back. "Mum's over here." He took Dan's hand and carefully lead him. "Mum!"  he called out. His mum was talking to a girl with short brown hair. "Yes Phil?" she turned around. "Dan got hurt." Dan was standing right behind him. "Dan! My poor baby." the other woman kneeled down to Dan's height. "What happened?" concern in her voice. "I f-fell off the m-monkey bars." he cried. "Daisy, I can help. I have my first aid kit with me." she took her kit out. "Thanks, Alison." Dan's mum said as she stood up. "Dan, come sit on the bench." she motioned him to join her. Phil helped him sit on the bench. "This is gonna hurt a bit." Phil's mum applied alcohol to a cotton ball and gently rubbed it on Dan's knee. "Ouch!" Dan's eyes watered. Phil held his hand and Dan squeezed it. "P-P-P-Phil this hurts." Dan squeezed his hand even harder (omfg this sounds like birth). Phil's mum quickly put on a bandage on Dan's knees. "All better." she said, standing up. "It still hurts." he muttered. "Sweetie, do you wanna go out for ice cream?" Dan's mum asked. "O-okay." he replied. "Maybe you should bring Phil along to." she suggested. "S-sure." he looked at Phil and Phil smiled.

AN: im the worst author ever im so sorry i forced myself to make this i wonder why you read this rubbish

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