☆ Saturday ☆

Percy's POV



"Homework!" Annabeth shouted back.

"Lake!" I said firmly, planting my foot.



"We'll lose House Points if we don't turn in our homework!"

"YOLO," Leo put in.

"Don't YOLO me!" Annabeth snapped.

"I could make Binns give us a hundred points," Nico suggested.

"That's cheating!"

"YOLO," Leo insisted.

"Stop saying YOLO!"

"Lake! Lake! Lake! Lake!" I shouted.

Everyone joined in on the chant.

"Okay! Fine! Shut up!" Annabeth relented.

"YES!" I pumped my fist and flung open the door, surprising a Gryffindor who was placing chocolates outside our door.

I accidentally squashed the corner of her small box of chocolates, "Oops! Oh gods I'm so sorry! I am so sorry."

"It's alright," the girl said dreamily. Why do girls here always talk like that?

The rest of my buddies brushed past her and followed me to the lake.

A few people in Ravenclaw were having a picnic, so we couldn't use our powers. I made a frowny face when I saw them.

Leo stared at the lake for a moment, "I feel a joke coming."

"Oh no," Piper groaned.

"Hush Beauty Queen," Leo said. He spread his arms grandly, "What did the lake say to the other lake?"

"I'm getting lakesick?" Jason asked boredly.

"That's good, but not correct. What do you think, Annabeth?"

Annabeth gave him an annoyed look, "I don't know, what did the lake say?"

"Nothing, they just waved."

Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"Did you sea what I did there?" Leo asked, poking her in the arm.

"Of course I did."

"I'm shore you did!"

Annabeth made a whale face.

She patted the ground next to her, "Sit here Seaweed Brain."

"But...the water's over there."

She patted the ground more insistently, "Sit here."

I sat, and our hands intertwined.

"Keep yourself between me and Leo," Annabeth said.

I adjusted myself, then finally pushed Leo over when he tried to entertain us with another joke.

Annabeth smiled at me, and I leaned over and kissed her, ignoring Leo's complaints.

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