Chapter 25-His big blue eyes.

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" But don't be mad at Niall, he was just trying to protect you" Zayn said and looked at me.

Protect you...I needed to see Niall.

" Just say it Zayn" I didn't know how to feel at the moment. Did Niall go behind my back?

Zayn told me about the letter, about Niall's plan and what happened.

" Oh my gosh, I have to see him ! " I felt desperate and tensed up. I stood up and started walking.

" Marissa, follow me" Zayn said and I followed him. Before we knew it we were inside Niall's room. He was fast asleep.

" Oh god" I said and sat down next to him. I wiped his hair from his forhead and kissed it.

" Where's Ally? Is she alright?" I asked after looking at Niall for a moment.

Zayn started shuffling on the spot.

" You're here" Louis said when he opened the door. I looked at him, then back at Zayn.

" Please tell me that she is...." My voice got weaker and my heart started raising up again.

" She's fine" Louis said and smiled. " Besides, I was just in her room...would you like to see her?" Louis asked and looked at his watch. " We don't have much time though.."

" I....I think that I'm gonna check on her later, since she's fine...I just have to be with Niall" I looked at Niall again. I felt pain in my heart. Why would he go without telling me. My hero. 

" C'mon Zayn..." Louis said kindly and Zayn followed him out.

I layed next to Niall and put my hand over him and placed small kisses on his cheek, over and over again.

I closed my eyes and put my hand on his chest, just to feel his heart beat.

Suddenly I found a warm hand on mine. I opened my eyes and saw that Niall had placed his hand on mine.

" I can..explain" He said with his eyes closed. My eyes teared up.

" I know what you did, I'm just glad that you are alright" I said and a tear leaked slowly down, straight to the pillow. I didn't wanna be all bossy or something like that. Words couldn't explain how glad I was that he was alright.

" Are you crying?" Niall said sleepy and chuckled softly.

" No I'm not ! Stop it this is serious" I said serious but I couldn't help it but laugh a little. 

Niall opened his eyes and turned his head to mine. Just seeing him opening his big blue eyes made my heart skip a beat. His blue eyes that I loved so much.

He looked tired but still he smiled to me.

" So you are not mad?" He asked and stared into my eyes. 

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to cuddle me up to him and wrap my hands around him and tell him how much I love him but I wanted also to hit him and kick him out of the bed for not telling me.

" Oh Niall" I did the better choice. I layed my head on his chest and he stroke my head gently.

" So you're not?" Niall asked. I closed my eyes and smiled to myself. Why did the tears just come out? I couldn't handle them.

" Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

" It's my job to protect you...and that's what I was doing" Niall answered.

I squeezed his hand.

" What are you doing love?" Niall asked surprised.

" Just making sure that I'm not dreaming...that you are still here"

Niall giggled.

" You know that I'm not leaving" Niall said and forced me to look at him. He cuped my face in his hands as he stroke with his thumb my cheekbone.

" Then don't make me think that" I said and put my hand on his that was on my face. I stroke it gently as I closed my eyes, so the tears ran down.

" Oh baby don't cry, come to Niall" Niall said laughing and I rested my head on Niall's shoulder as he kissed my forhead.

" You've been so strong for too long" Niall said between kisses.

" Why do you say that?" I asked surprised and wiped the last tear away and looked at Niall.

" Crying doesn't mean that you're weak, It means that you've been strong for too long"

" How do you know that?" I asked like an idiot. Niall smiled and closed his eyes.

He didn't answer me. I closed my eyes as well and fell asleep.

" I know a lot of things, but some are best kept from you"

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