GazettE is Bored! Ending

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Reita: *sigh* Ok, what do you want me to make?

Ruki: *Humms loudly while thinking* Well, since you are being soooo nice and doing this for me, I guess I won't be too harsh on you so, pasta will be good.

Reita: Good, nice and simple...*Silence*

Ruki: What is it? *asks with mock concern*

Reita: If you can't tell, I am blind now so I can't get to the kitchen!

Ruki: *giggles evilly* Oooohh well, you're gonna have to figure that out on your own while I get to watch mwahahahaha.

Reita: Why me...?

Aoi: * from across the room* You did this to yourself Suzuki!

Reita: Shaddap Aoi!!

Aoi: Make me! Oh wait, you can't see hahaha!

Reita: I swear, I'm going to kill both of you when I'm through.

Ruki: If, you finish hahaha *evil grin*

Reita: Damn you all...

Ruki: Ok ok lets not get too fiesty eh? Now, I'm only going to help you move once which is to the kitchen, after that, you're all on your own boy.

Reita: *winces* Boy?

Ruki: *says matter-of-factly* Yes, my boy.

Reita: *Groans* Oh dear God. Whatever, just, lets get this over with.

Ruki *giggles and places his hands on Reita's shoulders to guide him to his "death"* Ok, now we are here in the kitchen of death. Go and amuse me Reita boy~

Kai: *walks in kitchen and stands by Reita giving Ruki a confused face.* Ruki? He needs assistance with this kinda thing doesn't he? Can I help?

Ruki: *gives Kai a 'seriously' look* Bruh, what part of "Reita, you are all on your own" do you not understand?

Reita: Dude, Ruki let him help me pleaseeeee? I'm really gonna need it.

Ruki: All the more reason to not let him. Now stop getting distracted and cook!

Kai: *lifts hands in defeat and leaves* Gomen Reita...

Reita: *makes a sad face knowing his only chance of help has left before turning his head to Ruki's voice* You jerk...

Ruki:*smiles proudly* I try my best. Now go!

Reita: *snorts* Geez, demanding much? Fine, lets get this done.

Ruki: *stands back and giggles as Reita is wandering around the kitchen aimlessly trying to find the cabinet with the pasta noodles* This is too good, I should record this!

Reita: Don't you even dare you evil, sadistic, midget...thing *continues what he's doing even though Ruki is still giggling* I'm only doing this so you can shut up.

Aoi: *still on the couch being "productive"* Are you sure it's just that?

Reita: Goddamnit Aoi, can I just do this without anymore interuptions?! *slams cabinet door shut after finally finding the noodles*

Ruki: Geez, someone's moody.

Reita: Hell yeah I'm moody, if you want your stupid pasta, deal with it!

Uruha: yayz now I'm in te storee ^-^

Ruki: What the-

Reita: Great! Now another person comes to screw with me.

Ruki: *mumbles*I'm pretty sure I'm the only person allowed to do that.

Uruha: What!? I would never do such- HOLY SHIT YOU HAVE A NOSE WUTDAHELL!!!!???? *gasps and points*

Reita: Yes Uruha, big surprise. If you haven't noticed, I'VE ALWAYS HAD A FUCKING NOSE! *nearly yells. poor Rei-chan...* Now, I'm gonna do this and completely ignore you all.

Aoi: Even me?

Reita: I swear Aoi, you're the first to die today.

Aoi: *says in overly gay girl voice* oww, I'm scared. Big manly man Rei Rei-chan is gonna kill meee. Rukeeeeeh save meeee!

Ruki: Hell no! *in diva voice* I'm not helping some super gay guitarist who thinks he can distract my fun time.

Aoi: *mumbles* pssh, says the one who sucks Reita's-

Reita and Ruki: DA FUCK MAN!!!!????

Uruha: *makes this face: O-O* Am I missing something here?

Aoi: *laughing like a madman* Nope, not anymore. How 'bout you come sit by me and watch how this goes? *gestures towards the spot beside him*

Reita: Ugh ok, now I just pour in the noodles in to the pot annnnndd

Ruki: Don't blow anything up.

Aoi: Yeah Reita, don't 'blow anything up'

Reita and Ruki: Bruh

Uruha: *shifts uncomfotably* I think I wanna leave.....

In the end, after everything is over, everything blows up....including the kitchen XD!!!!!

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