Lily POV

The train shuddered to a halt and all of a sudden the corridors outside our compartment were busy with first years all eager to get off the train. My friends and I just stayed in our seats until the hustle died down.

In the distance I could hear Hagrids' booming voice calling all the first years to the boats. His voice bought back old memories.

"Okay..time to go," Jake said pushing himself off the seat and sliding opening the compartment door.

I untangled myself from Lorcan and stood up smoothing my robes and straightening the prefect badge pinned to my chest.

"Alrighty then," I pulled down my trunk and picked up Redfern's empty cage. She preferred to fly to Hogwarts, not be stuffed in a cage within a 10ft by 10ft compartment for 6 hours. To tell you the truth, so would I if I were an owl or any bird for that matter.

Hugo was already going out into the train corridor so I followed him. I had no idea what we were supposed to do as prefects. I assumed that we would get on the horseless carriages like everyone else. Well, to be correct, the carriages weren't actually horseless. They were drawn by these creatures called Thestrals but only people who have seen death happen can see them.

"Hey Hugo, where do we go?" I asked him.

"Lilyy!!!" I was relieved to hear Crystals high pitched voice. I turned to see her marching down the corridor. Her Head Girl badge shone glinting from the rays of moonlight. "Thank goodness I found you and Hugo. You have to come to the Head Dorm. Theres a meeting tonight after-"

"I know," I cut her off. "I kind of crossed paths with Scorpius earlier and he told me, after he harassed me that is."

She didn't look to happy about that.

"What I don't get is why we have to bring friends?" I asked her.

"Ohh, its just going to make things a bit more" she smiled falsely. "Anyhoo,"she flapped her hands about, "I guess I'll see you guys later then."

"Wait Crystal! What do we do now?" I practically shouted at her retreating back.

"Just get on the carriages like everyone else," she gave me a look as if I was dumb.

Well how was I supposed to know?

"You didn't tell me about the meeting," Hugo turned to me.

"Well, to be honest with you, I wasn't really planning on going as Scorpius told me. It could have been a joke but as Crystal just said it, looks like we will have to go..Oh and bring a friend," I rattled off.


"I don't know, lets just go please," I hurried him along.

Scorpius POV

'So Scorpius, now you have your own room...maybe I could come a visit you some time?' Lexi leaned over to me pressing her chest up in my face.

I turned away. Lexi was alright but she was a bit of a slut and she wasn't a challenge. Don't get me wrong she had a great bod which she used to her advantage...but she wasn'tt hmmm...Lily..

What the hell am I thinking.

No...not Lily. Anyone but Lily Potter.

I looked at Lexi again. ' Yeah maybe. But not tonight cuz I got to do a prefect meeting with Crystal.' I knew mentioning Crystal would make her jealous.

And I was right.

'Why did that perky bitch get head girl? Seriously..' She straddled me. 'You don't like her do you Scorpius?' she asked innocently.