Chapter 22

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Paige's pov

About a week after the news of our new twins that will arrives in about 7 and a half months I received a very disturbing package. Inside the box was a dead cat! I threw up from the sight of it.

Mason has his suspicions that someone is watching me and now I can't help but constantly look over my shoulders.

Mason does not allow me to go anywhere without him or at least 4 guards. He is not playing around with the safety of myself of his babies.

I am not allowed to drive to or from school, and i am not allows to leave Alexis or Will's sights. It is kind of suffocating but I don't want anything to happen to my precious babies.

Mason has been working his butt off trying to figure out who or what is after me. I have my suspicions but of course i won't tell mason because I don't want to ruin his family.

So here I am about to pee on myself at school and I have to ask Alexis to accompany me. But of course I have the meanest teacher at the moment and I know he won't let me leave. I have just a month left of school and trust me, I am counting down the days.

I am glad my days are short here because I don't want people to find out that I'm pregnant, not because I am ashamed of the fact, hell, I couldn't be happier, it's because of the attention that i don't want.

5 minutes until I can release my bladder. I swear, the clock isn't moving.

I feel my phone vibrate but I choose to ignore it since i can't text in this class. I guess it's Mason who is constantly checking up on me throughout the day.

Just thinking about Mason gets me all hot and bothered. I will never get tired of looking at his beautiful face. I love him so much.

Lately I have been horny all the time and it is starting to become embarrassing. I can't help it though. My hormones plus a sexy man like Mason is such a bad combination.

Finally the bell rings and I quickly hop out of my chair and race to the door. I am quickly pulled back by Alexis. "Slow down there kiddo. Why the rush? You know if Mason finds out you left my sight then i am dead."

"Less chatter more walking. I am about to pee everywhere!"

We quickly rush to the bathroom and I let out all of that built up pee. It felt so good to let it all out.

I exit the stall and head to go wash my hands and Megan is there applying makeup. Since when she started Wearing makeup is a mystery to me. I send her a small smile and she rolls her eyes at me.

I ignore that small rude action and wash my hands. As I grab some paper towels, I hear her mumble 'bitch' under he breathe. I was about to reply when Alexis pushes her.

Megan falls to the floor, hard. She looks up at me and Alexis with so much hatred. I don't understand what I've done. Is it because we've grown apart? That's so freaking stupid if that's the reason.

"Don't talk to her like that ever again or we will have some serious problems. Do you understand me?"

Megan growled at Alexis and then it hit me. Megan is a wolf, but she isn't in Mason's pack. What. The. Heck.

I pull Alexis out of the bathroom before things get out of hand. I drag my best friend into the hallway. "Please don't tell me she is a wolf also."

I don't think I can handle it if she is. I mean I don't care if she is, I'm pregnant by one, but I can't handle it if there is a feud between her and Mason.

"Yeah. She is. This school is built on mutual territory between Mason's pack and Jared's pack."

"Jared. As in my ex guy best friend Jared?"

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