Chapter 28 ~Three Ninja's

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Chrissy POV:

I hate when he does this! It pisses me off, damn it! Sam's such an ass. We were patrolling the borders and I was telling him how I made out with Jacob who is my cousin, and how I could possibly be higher in charge then him, then he goes and thinks stay here and listen to Chrissy's babbling or go see Emily? Bye Lil Chris! And he phases out! So now I have to patrol by myself!

"Psst!" I heard I looked around growling at anything and everything. Until I saw him, it, whatever his name is. I began growling again, trust Sam to leave me alone and something bad happen straight after. "Hey, whoa, are you the girl dog or the guy dog?" He asked I growled. I'm Not A Dog! "I need to talk to the girl." I growled at him again putting my face towards ground and my ass in the air. Wagging my tail. "I take it you're the girl dog?" I barked in response. "Cool, um you see, my sister can see the future, I want to pull a prank on Edward, and she'll see it happen and then he will read her mind. But I figured out that she can't see you. So can you help me?" He asked I ran behind a tree and phased back putting on my clothes so I could talk to him.

"What will I get if I help you?" I asked

"Well first off, I'm Emmett, second you get to mess with you're best friends crush's boyfriend." He stated

"So you're saying I get to mess with my cousin Jacob's crush, Bella's boyfriend Edward?" I asked again he nodded smirking

"I don't know. Tell me something about this Edward and maybe just maybe I'll help." I stated.

"He's over a hundred and eight years old and still a virgin." He stated

"What? Okay now that's tempting, I'm in!"

"Yay! Now come on let's go!"

"No, not yet I still have to patrol and yeah." I said he nodded "Tonight I'll be at Forks High, so stay away." I said before phasing.

I stopped at the few small stores before heading to Forks high.

"So what are we getting?" Jared asked. Yeah I forgot I'm bringing him as well, he's my assistant.

"We need some white string, a bunch of blank paper posters, markers, and a small music player, also some pictures of him. Oh and some whipped cream." I listed.

"Okay then I'll print the pictures and you look for all of that other stuff." He said I nodded handing him a copy of a picture of Edward.

"I'll meet you here after so stay put." I said and then stopped and looked him up and down. He looks good, bigger. I looked at his face and blushed as he was looking me up and down biting his lip. I quickly walked away and grabbed a small buggie. I walked down the isle with all the ice cream and toppings. Oh Whipped Cream! I grabbed a bottle of whipped cream and some cherries. I walked down the next isle which had all kinds of fishing things including the white string. I grabbed a lot of that, I'll need it in the future. Now school supplies isle, I walked down it and grabbed a pack of markers, and then I finally found some poster papers. Let's see I've got everything, what am I missing? Music player that's what I need, maybe not, that's expensive! Okay then let's pay. I walked up to the cashier and put everything on the counter.

"Hello, how are you today Chrissy?" I know that voice anywhere. I looked up and damn it why do I always have to be right? Damian! My ex boyfriend who also happens to be the school jock.

"I'm good Damian, and you?" I asked he smiled

"Good as well, so you're looking good." He smirked

"Thanks wish I could say the same for you." I smirked back. He scoffed.

"Oh I know you miss me baby! That'll be $16.99." He said scanning the last item.

"Oh yes! I'm so desperately in love with you it hurts!" I said dramatically throwing my hand up to my face.

"Still sarcastic I see babe." He said handing me the receipt. I smiled walking away making sure my hips sway. I walked straight up to Jared to see him frowning.

"Why are we making copies of Edward Cullen?" He asked

"His brother wants my help in pranking him, and I want your help in helping me helping him prank his brother." I explained he nodded. We got in the car and drove to his house to start making posters and everything else needed. I went into his bathroom changing into an all black outfit, when I came out he looked at me like I had two heads.

"Seriously?" He asked

"Yes, look I don't want to get arrested for breaking into a school that isn't my own! So go change!" I said handing him a black hoodie and black pants that I bought him. He went to change and walked back.

"How do you know my size?" He asked

"Lucky guess?" I didn't go through your clothes just to see your size, that would be crazy! That would be crazy right? Yes it would Christian! Well good thing I didn't then! "Let's go!" I said we got into my car and drove to the school, we got inside through one of the windows.

"Okay so what first?" He asked. I smiled and pulled him towards the office, I snuck into the principal's computer and connected it to mine making it untraceable.

"Okay now to hang all the posters!" I said we ran out and began hanging them.

"Hey! Give me some I'll help!" I heard a voice and jumped.

"Emmett! I said don't come here!" I scolded turning around, he's wearing black as well how funny.

"Hey you've got more tape?" Asked Jared coming up to me and staring at Emmett. "Shit! Did we get caught?"

"No this is Emmett and he's the one with the idea!" I said

"Oh! Okay then I need more tape" he said.

"Wow what a coincidence we're all wearing black because we're ninjas!" Emmett exclaimed. I nodded.

"Yeah just hurry up show me his locker." Man this is going to be the best prank ever! Yes! Embarrassing a non lyrical leech!

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