Part Three

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Nates p.o.v

I lost it...Anger filled every inch of my body and I just want to kill Gilinsky at this point.I gat in to the shower and Y/N was shocked she starred "get-" but I cut her of by pushing her roughly into the wall and kissing her rough I never had rough sex with Y/N she was my babygirl I though I would hurt her but the anger got too much I just had to take it out on somebody.

I was kissing her rough and she was kissing back rough.I picked her up with out even telling her she oped her mouth from my sudden action and I toke that time to slid my tongue in.I slid my hand down and touched her she moaned and moaned I stopped and she looked at me like she would kill me so I just slid in my d*ck and she screamed "daddy" I loved it when she called me that so that just told me to go harder deeper.

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