sleepover's for a player?? ch.6

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hey guys. sorry i havent uploaded in ages my internet is meesed up so im at my bff alway's house and she is kindly letting me upload on her computer sorry for the grammer mistakes im not that good at spelling so hang on with me kk well today im gunna make rosalinda a lil hotter than sam thinks she can be :) tehe well enjoy vote comment fan and i will answer you back and fan you so enjoy



After the match with flash. Me, Jenna, Becci, and Charlotte all decided to have a sexy sleepover. Jenna found she was taylor's mate, Becci is Dinex's mate and Charlotte is the beloved Mitch's mate. We planned the sleepover in major time and to make are mate's pay we were having it at sam's house. Mum and Dad had returned earlyer and said "It's fine go and enjoy yourself you need it." That was dad's answer mum just turned away and didn't bother looking back; just like she was when monster died, she didn't care anymore.

The Boy's were hammering on the bedroom door, Anymore and they would have to buy a new one. I walked over to the door with a bowl of popcorn in hand only wearing sexy lacey bra and hot pants. I opened the door and Sam stopped to look at me, hahah he's in for it. I threw the popcorn over them and shouted "leave us alone, girl's only! Hence the girl's only sleepover party sign on the door." I walked back in with the boy's still in shock. Haha on them. The girl's sang and danced around the room the boy's still standing outside not making a move to enter, after a tearful set of movies (I.e dear john, fame, raise your voice and letters to juliet) The boys had had enough of are tears and stormed into the room grabbing each of there mates and pulling us into different rooms you can geuss what happend next ...


sorry guys I know it was short I will try and make the next one longer I have a sleepover part 2 waiting I just need to get my internet up and running not running away to merry ago go land never to return so I will upload when I can miss you all loves yays in a friend way write for you soon tatty bye bye. xxgoldengoose226x

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