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Chapter 9 - Rogue

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Rogue couldn't believe the situation she had found herself in. That morning she'd been ready to kill for her club, and now she was on the back of the enemy's motorcycle. If this wasn't treason she didn't know what was. After driving a couple blocks she began to relax, leaning against Red's back for comfort. The smell of warm leather filled her nose and she rested her face on his cut. It was a long ride to Analog, as the shop was on the outskirts of the city, but they made good time anyway. Rogue was nervous. What would they talk about? But by the time they reached the cafe Red was already talking about anything he could think of. Rogue couldn't get a word in but that was fine, she realized just listening to him speak was good enough for her. She let Red order for her as she'd never been to Analog, and as they waited for their teas he told her all about his childhood. He had grown up in an outlaw MC family, then moved out to Alberta when the economy went down. But, as any biker knows, you can never leave the life. It will always find you.
Rogue had been just about to tell him about her childhood when she caught sight of the time.
"Holy shit, it's 6pm already." She tried not to let her disappointment show, but when she glanced at Red she saw the same look in his eyes.
"Time flies." He replied with a small smile. "Can I give you a ride back to the shop?"
"Please." Rogue thought a moment, then, "Actually, no, I didn't drive in. Would you mind taking me home? If it's not too much to ask."
Red grinned at her.
"Of course I can."

Nestled against Red's back, Rogue watched the darkening scenery roll by as they drove past city limits and toward her house. It was more of a cabin, a long wooden A-frame with loads of rustic charm. Thankfully, it had running water and electricity.
Rogue's eyes were beginning to feel heavy when they passed an abandoned farmhouse. She nudged Red and he pulled over quickly.
"Everything okay?" He asked, concerned.
"Oh yeah, everything's fine. I was just thinking I should drive the rest of the way. I know the roads well and I wouldn't want anything to happen to your bike."
Red paused, thinking.
"Okay. But only because you're cute." He smiled and shifted back on the seat so she could drive.
As soon as she was settled Rogue tore off, hitting the throttle hard. She knew the road better than almost anyone in the area, especially on a motorcycle. Red's hands were gently holding her hips, but when she pulled a hairpin onto the trail to her house she felt his grip tighten, almost white knuckle tight. Rogue chuckled to herself and continued to fly down the trail. Since she knew it so well it only took them a few minutes to get to her cabin. She pulled up at the front and turned the bike off, then spun in her seat to face a startled-looking Red.

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