Chapter 6 (Phils p.o.v.)

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(TRIGGER WARNING-- there's mentioning of getting bullied, abused and stabbed. No actions or details are written down about how it happened though. They are only mentioned.)

I glanced up. Dan gave me a shocking look. I only blushed back as a response. "Do you want to hear my story?" I asked as Dan was just staring at me. I don't mind him looking at me. It was something i've been wanting him to do ever since I first saw him. Dan nodded as he motioned me to sit down on the couch with him. I noticed how he kept his distance from me. I sat down far enough away from him where he could still hear me talk. I sighed. "Well when I was 24 years old I died. I got abused a lot by my parents. So one day I ran away and never came back. That was when I was 20. I moved in with a friend in another state. At 21 I found out I was bisexual. I started looking at guys the same way I would with girls. This scared me. After a while it felt natural. For 3 years I got bullied by people because they somehow found out I like guys. I got no support from anybody not even my friend I moved in with. One night I was taking a walk and I got beat up by these guys that hated me. I didn't even see it coming. Than after they were done hitting me, they stabbed me. I died of too much blood loss. I wasn't saved on time. But 10 years later here I am. Stuck being 24 and watching over you." I smiles and looked up at Dan he was crying. "Dan what's wrong?" Dan quickly wiped his eyes and smiles at me. "Nothing. I'm okay. It's just your story was sad." I pouted. "Sorry." Dan scooted closer to me. "Stop saying sorry you dork." Dan giggled and looked at me. "So can I ask you something Phil?" I blushed when he said my name. "Yes?" "Why are you here and not in heaven? Didn't they accept you?" I smirked. "I guess you can say i'm not in peace yet to even consider being in heaven. God told me when I got up there I couldn't enter the golden gates yet. Not until I was at peace with myself. So he made me a Guardian Angel. I have watched over you ever sense. You were only 4. Sorry it took this long for you to notice me. I'm not even suppose to be seen but you saw me." Dan chuckled. "It's okay. I do have to say though, you aren't a monster." He looked at me with admiration.

Sorry for the long wait. /.\ I had this chapter written down already I just now had time to post it. I'm hoping you guys are enjoying my story so far. I love you! Stay beautiful/handsome and also.. Stay strong.

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