I Hope You're Happy

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I was packing my bags to go back home. I'm tired of this life. It isn't meant for me. Especially when my boyfriend has a new side chick every week. I hope he's happy with me out of his life because I'm going to be very happy. Even though I did love him a lot. "Y/N! I'M HOME!" I heard my ex boyfriend Greg yell up the stairs. I stayed quiet and continued to pack my luggage. I heard thumping coming up the stairs after a few minutes. "What are you doing?" He asked opening the door. "I'm leaving you Greg." I said. "Where the fuck you gon go? Ain't nobody gon take in a ghetto ass whore like you." He said in his evil "black person" voice. I growled under my breath. "With my best friend." I said. He chuckled. "He don't want you hunny! His ass is gonna leave you bitch!" He yelled. I closed up suitcase and rolled it off of the bed. I was walking downstairs when I was pushed off of the 6th to last step. I groaned as I hit the floor. Greg started kicking me in my side yelling rude shit. "You're a worthless, stupid, dumbass nigger!" He said. Then the door burst open and Greg was on the ground getting his teeth knocked out. "Come on Y/N! Get up." Someone said. I looked up to see Ryan and Twist. Fredo and Justin were beating Greg's ass. I struggled to get off of the floor. Then Ryan just picked me up and Twist grabbed my bags. They sat me in the front seat of Justin's Range Rover. Then Twist put my bag in the trunk. I just smiled thinking of how special I am to have friends like them. And especially Justin. Then Justin and Fredo ran out the house. Everyone jumped in the car like a bomb was about to go. "Y/N are you alright?!" Justin asked frantically. I nodded my head. He stared at me looking worried as ever. I smiled and grabbed his hand. "I'm fine." I said softly. He nodded his head. "Are you sure you don't need to go to the doctor?" He said. I nodded. "Or maybe the hospital?" He added. "Nigga she fine! Chill bro." Ryan said. I laughed and nodded. Justin just smiled at me then gave Ryan a death glare. Oh my white ass best friends.

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