Part 10

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I had so much fun on the camp, type, thing I was sad it would come to an end in just two days, even though I had hurt myself multiple times.

"Come on Y/N stop day dreaming" Ashly yelled failing to climb a tree which for some reason was one of our activities.

"You need to put your foot here" I moved it for her she looked down at me and poked her tongue out before grabbing the last branch and 'gracefully' falling out of the tree.

"Nice one" Eugene shook his head before walking toward the tree.

"Its my turn" I whined stomping my foot and completely ignoring our injured friend on the ground.

"Fine, do you want a hand up?" Eugene said offering one to me.

"Nah, I think I'll be all goods" I put my hand on the lowest branch and hoisted my self up feeling everyone watch me.

"You sure? it looks hard" Eugene noted.

"No thanks" I quickly climbed the tree and when I was almost at the point we had to climb to someone yelled at me.

"Bet you can't get all the way to the top" It was Gaby.

"I so can. Guys I got this" I yelled back down and after almost falling six or seven I was at the top.

"You can come down now!" Andrew yelled up at me.

"Um, Give me a minute" I can do this I made it half way down and then came to a problem.

"Why did you stop?" Ashley shouted up at me.

"Not cause I'm stuck, that's for sure" I laughed to myself.

"Does that mean you're stuck" Eugene laughed.

"Well there was this one branch that I kinda had to pull myself up to and

I don't want to jump down cause I might fall" I said hiding my face.

"Just try I'll catch you if you fall" Eugene said back causing everyone to aw at him and well, me.

"I don't know if I should trust you" I smirked.

"Just try" He crossed his arms.

"You can't catch me with your arms crossed" I muttered so he uncrossed them, is that a word?

"Okay go" Ashly stomped her foot unhappily.

"Coming" I said and I'm glad I called to Eugene because I did fall and he caught me bridal style.

"You two are the cutest" Keith said making Eugene and I break eye contact.

"No not even" Eugene mumbled.

"Then why are you still holing her?" Ned asked snapping his fingers.

"Because" Eugene put me down making me frown but hopefully no one noticed.

I swear Eugene and Y/N were the cutest I'm glad they didn't see us spying on them last night when we left them alone but I wished Y/N had noticed that Eugene went to put his arm around her and stopped because she looked up, They're so gonna hook up. "Ashly" Y/N called to me

"Yes"I poked my head out of the tent.

"Eugene and I are going for a walk no one else wants to come, How about you?" She said putting her head on an angle.

"Nah thanks, but you two have fun" I smirked at her

"I will" She did the same right back, jogging off toward Eugene before heading into the forest.

"So, how do you like working for Buzzfeed?" Eugene asked causally strolling by my side as we walked down the forest path.

"I like it, its good paying, fun and I met some great new people" I smiled.

"like me?" Eugene pointed to himself.

"Sure" I laughed.

"So, do you have a boyfriend?" He asked eyes to the ground instead of any where near my face.

"Whats makes you think I'm straight?" I sassed.

"Oh, sorry" He said going a light shade of pink.

"No I am, And I don't have a boyfriend" I smiled "How about you?"

"I am single" He said looking at me.

"That's good" I blushed.


"No reason" I nervously pulled the sleeve of my jersey over my hand.

"No why?" He asked.

"I kinda like you, I guess" I could feel my entire face go bright red as I muttered the small string of words, He looked down at me with a smile as I twisted my lips up.

"Its, okay" He said putting a finger under my chin, lifting my head up slightly and pecking me on the lips his cheeks red too. "I kinda like you as well"

I grabbed his cheeks and brought his lips back down to mine he slipped his tongue between my lips, and when we finally broke apart breathless he smirked "When we get back do you maybe want to got out for dinner?"

"I would love to" I grabbed his hand as we walked back to the camp site only letting go when we came into sight not wanting anyone to notice our partially pink faces and messy hair.Luckily they were all in bed by the time we got back.

Hey guys, Hows it going? I am sorry for how short this chapter was and what happened with the chapters over the weekend, I tried to post this but it went wrong and I then I deleted this draft it was all frustrating so I ended up rushing this and missing some parts out. But I would love to thank you all for the reads, votes and comments its fucking amazing, I love you all.

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