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Enjoy the response to this question which was requested by @fandom-holic :)

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Watson joined the chatroom

Sherlock joined the chatroom

Watson - Sherlock don't ever do that french accent and fake mustache with me again! I am so p*ssed with you!

Sherlock - Your welcome John...

Watson - Well, you interrupted my date. I was about to do something that would change my life.

Sherlock - What? Propose to her? She is good for you John.

Watson - So... you're cool with this?

Sherlock - Yes... why would you even ask me that?

Watson - Never mind. Listen, a question. Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Sherlock - Hmmm, that's an interesting one... I would rather be... Well, the statistics for me being blind or even deaf is-

Watson - Just answer the damn question Sherlock!

Sherlock - Okay, calm your hormones.... I prefer being deaf. Being blind is interesting, however being deaf is better. I can carry on doing what I do and block out all the noise coming from all your little brains and everywhere. I would probably do a better job at deducing then I already do.

Watson - Right... that's kind. Well... I am coming over later. I'm still a bit smoked.

Sherlock - My parents are here, so you may want to wait a while. Oh, got to go, there bragging about losing their glasses again...

Sherlock left the chatroom

Watson left the chatroom


I hope that was to your taste, if you have taste buds...?

Okay just me! ;)



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