Chapter 3

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Steve really wasn't entirely sure what time everybody was showing up at the party but Tony had told him that any time would be fine. He told his mom the night before around seven so he hoped that seven would be an accurate time. After he got home from school, he did the usual which involved taking his backpack to his room and starting straight away on his homework. Luckily he didn't have as much homework as some other nights so he was hoping he could get all of it out of the way before he left for the party and could just get it off his hands. He entered his room, tossing his backpack up against the side of his bed. His room was somewhat of a mess compared to how it usually was. He did his best to keep everything organized but currently had clothes spread across his bedroom floor and he realized that he probably should put them away before his mom found his room the way it was, knowing that she was a bit of a neat freak herself. The homework could wait while cleaning his room became firsthand. Although it was only around 3:40 p.m. when he got home from school, time started to go by quickly as he occupied himself with the organizing of his room. He sometimes found it fun to just reorganize the objects in his room- to change things up a bit. By the time his room seemed spotlessly clean, he looked at the time and it was already almost 5 p.m. He could start to smell the drifting scent of dinner his mom was cooking in the kitchen.

Dinner went by relevantly fast as Steve thought about what he should wear. Considering that it was Tony Stark's party, he thought nothing more than jeans and just a regular T-shirt would be suitable. Also taking into account that all of his friends weren't big on suits anyway, just casual dress seemed to be the right option of choice. He found himself thinking about what he was going to wear while sitting in the middle of a conversation with his mom at the dinner table. He was over thinking something completely not worth over thinking, since when did he think about what to wear when he went places. Given, it was something he usually thought about in the moment of when he was actually getting dressed but thinking about something so simple in the middle of an actual conversation with someone else was, to Steve, something a bit stupid and not worth even thinking about, especially when it was just Tony Stark's party. It's not like he actually cared.

"Steve?" his mom brought him back to the conversation they were in the middle of. It took him a few moments to recall what they were even talking about but he caught back on quickly, "Oh... yeah, I can't believe that." Steve noticed that in his own voice it was a bit obvious that he had not been fully listening. He knew she was talking about a patient she had at work but she somewhat lost his full attention in the middle of her story and that was when he started thinking about the party that happened to be in one hour. "You weren't listening, were you." his mother also appeared to be able to sense that he wasn't fully listening to her. Steve apologized, "Sorry, I was just-" his mother interrupted, "Thinking of the party?" She understood perfectly well why Steve wasn't fully listening and instead thinking about the party. She raised Steve in the way of work first play later. He never really went to any parties, not that he was antisocial or anything close to that, he just had the determination to put school first most of the time. When his friends all went to movies on Fridays, Steve sometimes didn't even go. His mother was always aware when there were parties happening and she was surprised this time that Steve actually showed interest. She knew for the longest time that Steve didn't care for Tony but was happy he was going nevertheless because she wanted him to have fun in high-school and know that it's not all about studying.

It was finally time to leave as Steve just kept on what he had worn to school, seeing as there was really no big reason to change. He thought about the party in the car as his mom drove him to Stark's house. He thought about what types of food there would be or what music would be playing. He thought about him and his friends joking around or playing stupid games. In reality though, he didn't really know what to expect other than hearing from people in the hallways talk about Tony's parties at school and how fun they always were. "Oh my God, is this it?" Steve's mom turned into the long driveway of which held an open gateway. The driveway was at long length and looped around into a circle at the end leading to an extremely large white mansion. His mom knew it was the right place by seeing all the cars parked in the driveway or a some onto a the lawn. There were lights inside all around and you could see through the glass windows that multiple people were already there. Many were just arriving, and many others, it seemed, had already been there for a few hours or so. The music could be heard from just inside the gates of the driveway. The house was incredible itself, without the elegant gates or neatly mowed lawn. It had clear long windows in the front and all around. It seemed to be right on a cliff, overlooking the sea beyond. It was stunning, Steve had only ever imagined seeing these types of houses on movie screens or just in pictures. His mom drove right up around to the front doors and stopped temporarily, "Alright, so you'll call me tomorrow?" his mother double checked as he opened the door and unbuckled his seatbelt, "Yep,"

"Shoot! Honey, did you bring sleepover stuff?" his mother remembered just before he got out. Steve sighed, shaking his head, "Mom, it's fine. I'll call you tomorrow okay?" Steve didn't really need anything and knew that the only reason he was going to end up sleeping over was because Tony said that sometimes the parties just go so late into the night/early morning, that people (usually only friends most the time) just stay over until the next day. That, or Tony said sometimes people just get so drunk they don't even bother going home, knowing their parents would lose complete control. The thing about Tony's parties was that he never supplied the drinks but from what Steve has heard, so many people sometimes sneak them in and then they spike the punch.

His mother nodded and smiled as Steve got out, "Okay, be careful, mind your head! And just make sure his parents are supervising- otherwise you're coming home!" Steve was out of the car as his mother raised her voice at the last part, making sure he was able to hear. He nodded once more and closed the car door. She waved as she started to drive around the loop and Steve followed some other people he didn't recognize to the front doors. There were obviously many people from other schools coming as well and Steve now understood what his friends had meant when they told him they were the most popular parties around.

As the people in front of him talked and laughed, Steve awkwardly just followed behind them and hoped that once he entered he would find his friends right away so he wasn't walking around by himself. He pulled out his phone and noticed he had two messages from both Bucky and Sam, each asking where he was and when he was arriving. Steve replied to both, saying that he just got there and asked where each of them was. Upon entering, the music blared into his ears and he just assumed it was something one got used to at parties like this. There were people everywhere and Steve managed to push his way through groups as he waited for a reply from either friend or hoping that he would bump into someone he knew. So far, most of the people he was seeing were not people he noticed from school. Tony sure did have a way of getting word around. Though that wasn't surprising, knowing how his father was one of the richest men and also probably one of the most intelligent in the country. His head was a bit bothered by all the noise but started to settle as his ears adjusted to it. He thought about his mom and hoped she wouldn't somehow find out that there weren't any parents. If she did, he'd most likely get yelled at and he'd have to come up with some excuse, like saying he hadn't known.

Now all he needed to do was locate his group of friends and he could finally have some fun.

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