10 Fading Zen

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The week passed by too painfully slow for Louis' liking. He texted Harry when he could, but found that he was quite busy during the week. Louis was pretty sure he had his schedule generally figured out though. He had it in a note in his phone.

Wake up: 7am

Work: 8:30-12

Lunch: 12-1

Study: 1-2

School: 2:30-4:30

Polo practice: 5-7:30

Dinner: 8

I'm definitely not a stalker.

He only prays that Harry never sees the stupid amount of notes that he keeps about him.

His hand had gotten significantly better by the end of the week; not needing a bandage anymore. He was able to take his clients back on Wednesday when the stiffness had started wearing off. Kara's mom's witch brew seemed to help his cuts considerably. He would have to remember to ask her about that in the next couple of days.

Kara had stayed back every day after closing to help Louis with paperwork and accounting. She had become much faster and learned quickly. Though the Yeager had stayed untouched, Louis had ordered dinner in for them a couple of times so that she wouldn't be starving by the time she got home each night.

He was feeling overall pleased with his life when he locked the door to his flat and opened the door to his car. Showered, shaved, and swim trunks in hand, it was 8:30 and he was on his way to Harry's game. Luckily for him, he already knew where the college was located and didn't have to go through another terrible experience with Siri.

He pulled into the parking lot of what looked like the fitness complex at 8:45 and cheerily hopped out of his car with his bag of drinks, granola bars, and swim trunks. There were lots of other cars around as well as a giant Le Bus,and he saw dozens of bodies bustling around the pool.

It was a beautiful, sunny day as he approached the pool, and the smell of overpowering chlorine and wet cement hit his nostrils and instantly made him nervous. There was loud dubstep warm up music blaring from the outside speaker system.

Harry. Oh gosh. It's been a week. You've only been able to text him. What if you're incredibly socially awkward in real life with him?

Calm down Louis. Act cool.

He took a deep breath, shifted his sunglasses on his face, and strode confidently over to the bleachers, keeping his eyes focused on a specific empty spot about four rows from the front.

That's my spot. Nobody will take that spot.

He could do this. Just focus on one thing at a time. So he made it to his newly claimed seat, then sat down and settled in, grabbing a granola bar and a can of lemonade out from his bag. He had to act natural. Like he belonged there and it wasn't any sweat off of his back to be witnessing such an event.

Chewing on his chocolate-chip granola bar, he decided to be brave and looked up. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and energetic for the beginning of the game. Aside from mostly families and other faculty and students buzzing around, he saw a large cluster of almost naked polo players in and at the side of the pool.

They're all in Speedos.

He gulped. He felt surrounded by firmly toned spandex butts and became very self-conscious of his own rather curvy bottom. He shifted in his seat and took another self-depreciating bite of his chocolaty bar.

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