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Heya guys!!!
I'm so happy you all like my stories!
Thanks for everything!
This one-shot is about Maddian!
It's set around the episode ''Girl from nowhere''.
Maddy's jelous of Jana. She may be a tame wolfblood, but when it comes to Rhydian, her heart goes wild.
Btw, I know I wasn't on wattpad for too long, but I sorta had to re-organise my life and stuff.
Love, Adele :)

Maddy's P.O.V

''Shan, I don't want her to fit in, I want her to go back in wild!''

I said to my best friend Shannon, and she just sighed.

I know it's mean, but Jana showed up in like two hours and yet somehow found a way to mess up my life!

She's too wild, she growls at everyone.
She's too weird and stands out too much and not in the good way.
And the worst part is that Rhydian is always around her, following her like a lost cub!

Aghh! I growled in anger and sat down on the chair behind the desk in the biology classroom.

Shannon looked up at me, wide eyed, and Tom just gave me a confused look.

''Mads, what's wrong?'' Tom asked.

''Yeah, you're acting weird today.'' Shannon said, taking her books out.

I just bit me lip.
''Well, I...'' I was being interrupted by mrs.Patrish, our biology teacher.

''Okay kids, today we have a test, I hope you all prepared.''

''I'll tell ya later.'' I said to me mates and they nodded.

Mrs. Patrish gave us tests and I tried to focus on it, but I kept staring at Rhydian and Jana, they were talking and looking all lovey-dovey.

Another growl came out accidently.
I don't understand why am I so angry at Jana spending time with Rhydian! We're best friends, I don't like him!
Do I?
I can't lie, he is handsome, and has beautiful eyes...
I'm such a crap.

I looked back at me test.
This is gonna be such a disaster.

After class ball rang we handed papers and I am sure I'm gonna get an F.

''So, Mads, you gonna tell us what's wrong?''
Tom asked me in front of Rhydian.

''Wrong? Is there something wrong?''
Rhydian asked , confused.

How can't he get!
Aghhh!!! I growled and sprinted off to woods.

I just want her to go back where she came from!

I growled in annoyance and sat next to the river.

I heard someone jumps off the tree.

I rolled my eyes.

''What do you want?'' I said and
He sat next to me.
''Mads, just tell me what's wrong, I'm your best mate.''

''Well you're not acting like that. You ignored me all day and followed Jana like a lost cub!''

I said sadly and threw a stone in river.

''I didn't ignore ya Mads, I was just trying to make Jana fit in, and not expose our secret, I don't get what's the big deal.''

The big deal is I like ya so much ya fool.
I sighed.

''It's nothin' , I'm sorry yah. I just um.. I didn't use to wild wolfbloods, that's all.''

I lied and looked down.

''Really? That's all? Well, take your time Mads, it's not like she's gonna stay here foreva.''

''Yeah, I-I know, thanks. ''
I said and sighed.

''Fancy a race?'' He said smiling slightly, making me heart flutter.

''Duh!'' I said cheerily and we ren to school.

Maybe I'm not that tame after all.

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