I sat next to Devon on the school bus, it seemed that this was the only time we'd talk nowadays.

"Hi." I whispered, hoping she wouldn't answer because I was too worried to think of an intellectual conversation.

"Hi." She bluntly replied.

"How... How are you?" I nervously spoke.

"I'm alright."

Have I said something wrong?

I stared at my feet, my fingers intertwined. "I... I'm sorry."

She quizzically eyed me with a small scowl. "For what?"

"Uh-" I breathed, anxiously shrugging my frail shoulders. "I don't know."

That conversation was a train wreck.

She only rolled her eyes and placed earphones in, blocking me out completely. I sadly pouted, staring mindlessly outside as it began to softly rain. I pressed the side of my head against the cold glass, closing my eyes and hoping to fall into a permanent sleep.

Someone began poking my cheek softly, not even thirty seconds into my rest. I opened my eyes curiously, seeing Harry on the chair in front of me, his arm reaching out to my face where he tried to take captive of my attention. "Harley."

I kind of wanted him to touch my face some more. "What?"

He contained himself, his eyes telling me something that I couldn't quite understand. He seemed nervous, almost as nervous as me. "I just realised something," he anxiously exhaled, and my stomach sickened in worry. "We never gave in your English paper."

The sound of his voice made me smile until I realised what he had actually said. I paused, my face showing complete horror as before my breaths began to shake. "I... I forgot."

He grasped my wrist, as if he knew I was about to scratch my forearm. "We'll just have to give it in when she's not looking."

"If she finds out that I took my coursework home then she'll cancel my paper-"

"She won't find out," He assured me. "We have English last lesson, we'll give it in then."

The bus suddenly came to a swift stop as we were now outside school. I awaited Harry to come by my side as we both got off, and we walked silently next to each other. Our hands were almost touching, but as soon as our skin lightly grazed each other he put his hands in his pockets.

"How am I going to give my paper in without her knowing? She locks her door every time she leaves the classroom." I panicked, my legs starting to tremble as my lips began to dry from me furiously biting them.

"I'm gonna go smoke," He ignored my question, his jawline prominent and sharp as he inhaled loudly, his eyes darkening once he turned to gaze at me. "Are you coming?"

I shyly gulped, now having more things to worry about. "You... You want me to join you? Like-Like with your friends?"

He seemed hesitant himself, but he finally nodded with an uncomfortable stare. "...sure."

"But they hate me." I protested and stepped back cowardly.

"Don't worry, they hate me too." He defended with a hint of a humorous smirk as he spoke.

"But... What if they bully me?"

As no one was looking his hand slowly reached for mine, causing a soft smile to appear on my face. He uncomfortably sighed, his hand dangling in front of me as I gently took it.

He groaned at the skin contact. "If they bully you then I'll bully them back."

"Bullying comes from insecurities." I quietly mentioned.

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