Fade - Chapter 30

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Sebastian's heart beats and bleeds like anyone else's. But it is neither beating nor bleeding when his eyes catch the scene before him. Yes, there is blood. But it is not his. Everyone bleeds red... but this red is like the red that starts fires in hearts and minds. It's the kind of red that you'd never want to see spilling from a child whom has sacrificed themselves for you. But that's exactly when Sebastian sees.

Ciel is in front of him. And the spear is thrust clean through him.


And when he falls like leaves into Sebastian's arms, he sees the other end has taken out the ram demon in front of them. they both fall, but Taurus isn't breathing... and thankfully, Ciel is.


Sebastian catches him weakly, easing down to the floors with the boy in his lap.


"Shh... please, don't try to say anything."

Sebastian's first instinct is to pull the weapon from him. And so he does. But Ciel cries out in pain, and it hurts him badly to hear it. He throws the wretched thing off to the side... and turns his attention to the wound in Ciel's stomach.

He has no words... no thoughts. All he can hear is a faint buzzing sound as he takes in the severity of the damage. There is blood spilling out of him like precious gems... and even when Sebastian rips the child's white nightshirt to push into him, all it does it bleed more... and stain the demon's hands in crimson regret.

But then he feels the child's fingertips graze along his cheek. And he looks to see the purest of expressions upon his angelic face. It's a look of love... of sorrow, sadness and pride. But his eyes are swimming with the tears that won't fall any longer, and his mouth is lightly stained red. Sebastian pulls him ever closer.

"It'll be alright. You'll be alright."

He coos, stroking along his hair damp with sweat.

"And so will you."

And what Ciel means by that is not that he will live. No. He is trying to tell Sebastian that he'll be alright without him. He is trying to tell him that he's happy... and that everything is finally okay. He is trying to tell him goodbye.

It didn't have to be this way.

Sebastian bites his tongue, shaking his head slowly as he holds his weakening body closer than he's ever held anyone before. Ciel's abdomen is on fire, but he does not elude to this... because his arms and legs are quickly starting to fall weak. And his eyelids are drooping. But he never wants to stop looking at Sebastian. He is so, so tired... but he knows. He knows that it is not sleep he is fighting, but death himself.

And somewhere far away, he realizes that he is scared... that he doesn't want to leave Sebastian's side. He realizes that Sebastian is all that matters, now. And so he focuses upon his face for a while.

He can sleep later.

"Sebastian... Sebastian... Sebastian... I love you."

Sebastian's hardened heart breaks in two. And there are the tears... the tears that have laid dormant for a millennia. For nearly the first time in Sebastian's life... there are so many tears.

"I know. I love you too, little one."

He says this is english, and Ciel's eyes light up... because it is just like old times. It is just like the first time. And he smiles.

"But please... don't close your eyes."

He's asking him not to leave.

But his eyelids are growing heavier... and nothing seems to matter anymore.

"It's alright... it doesn't hurt."

But it hurts Sebastian... and he cannot stand it. He gathers the boy up tightly in his arms... kisses his forehead gently.

"Goodnight, my love."

"Goodnight... Sebastian."

One last tear squeezes from the boy's right eye as both of his eyelids drop closed.

And his breath is slow.

Everything is slow.

Sebastian holds him close.

Then the boy stops breathing.

And everything is white.

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