Prussia x Germany/Germancest

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I am so sorry for not being able to update, I don't know why, but my computer won't let me update this story in particular so I am attempting to do the next few chapters on my phone. I hope you enjoy ~ And the was requested by @TomoThecorgi
Prussia slipped into the house and downstairs into the basement where he lived.

He flopped on the bed and sighed as he relaxed. He could here the thuds of Germany's combat boots as he entered the house.

"Prussia! Ve need to train!" Germany said and banged on the basement door

Prussia groaned and rolled his eyes. "Nien! I don't vant zu!"

"Ich vill drag jou outzhere if Ich have zu!" He threatened and placed his hand on the knob

"Good luck vith zhat Vest!" He yelled with a smirk.

Germany sighed as he opened the door and made his way down the stairs, standing next to Prussia's bed with his arms crossed, tapping his foot.

"Gütentag bruder." Prussia said as he looked up at him with a smirk.

"Get. Up." He ordered and pointed to the door.

"Nien. Ich am zhe older sibling. I should be zhe one in charge, don't jou zhink?" Prussia said as he rolled over onto his stomach.

Germany sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Jou are so difficult."

"Zhat ist mein job." He stated and snickered softly.

"Don't zhink I von't drag jou." Germany threatened.

"Jou und vhat army Vest?" He challenged and looked up at Germany with a daring smirk.

He sighed and threw Prussia over his shoulder and carried him up the stairs.

Prussia gave a small yelp in the process and then shifted so he could look at Germany.

"Does mein butt look awesome from jour point of view?" He asked curiously.

"Ich have half ein mind zu vhip jou." He muttered

"Ooh, getting kinky now are ve?" He teased.

Germany sighed and set him on his feet once they got to the training ground

Prussia popped his knuckles and looked around. "Vhere ist the Italian boy?"

"He vent home. I let him off because he actually did do training for once, unlike jou." Germany said and crossed his arms once again.

He hummed a little as he looked around again. "Vhere did Ich leave off?"

"As punishment for leaving, jou have to start over." He stated and pulled his hat over his slicked back blonde hair, keeping the sun out of his eyes.

"Oh come on Vest, zhat ist no fun now is it?" He said with a pout.

"Maybe jou should have thought about zhat earlier. Now start." He said and pointed to the dirt track they used to run on. "Twelve laps."

He groaned as he started running.

Germany watched him silently, counting the laps as Prussian ran them.

It was 30 minutes before Prussia completed all twelve, resulting in three miles and then came up to Germany, panting quietly.

"Zhere, done. Can ve go home now?" He said and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Ja. Now vas zhat so hard?" He asked and started walking back towards the house.

He just shrugged and followed his younger brother. At this point in time, it was sunset.

They entered the house and Prussia stopped Germany in his tracks. "Don't Ich get revarded?"

"For not doing vhat jou vere told?" He asked questionly and rose an eyebrow.

"Oh come on Vest. Ich just vant ein kiss." He said with a smirk.

".. F-Fine.." Germany's cheek tinted a light pink as he leaned forward, kissing Prussia on the lips lightly.

Prussia blushed a little as he kissed him back and slowly broke the kiss. "Ich vas talking about chocolate, but zhat vorks zu.."

"Oh... On top of zhe refrigerator." He said after he turned around and went to his bedroom.

Prussia lightly pressed his finger to his lips and his blush got darker. He kind of... Liked it.
I'm sorry it sucked but I really needed to update. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to tell me how I did! I will try working on another chapter or two and get it up tonight or tomorrow!

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