My Conscience.


Chapter 46


Lisa P.o.v

Run !

Run !

Just turn around and run Lisa , come on you can do it.

No don't do it , you have Xion and Liam with you you can't leave em on their ones with these lot.

But then again Cheren can bring Xion back to your house , she knows where you live.

It would be a selfish act to do that Lisa , to leave one twin and run with the other !

Run !

Run !

Your fast , none of them will be able to catch you , Go !

But what if they give Xion to Enrique so he can bring him back ? You're going to have to face him sooner or later ! Do it now get it over with ! Stop being scared !

However , you don't have to face it now , deal with this later ! Go run run !

My head was pounding as I listen to my conscience the good and bad tell me what I should do , as I backed up slowly with Liam in my arms towards the door.

Where the hell are you going ? What if Xion stops breathing again soon as you leave with Liam and these lot don't know what to do? How will you feel ? Like shit right ? Stay and handle this like a lady !

Just take both the twins and leave , it's that simple !

I was starting to tear up and I wiped my eyes with the back of my palm as I fixed Liam in my arms as I took another step back.

What if you don't like what you hear ? What if they laugh at you ? Just run ! Run !

I turned around and grabbed Xion from Cheren and she gave me a confused look.

"I'm leaving , " I whispered and her eyes widen.

"No , you can't leave ,we just got here and beside your boyfriend Enrique is here , " she said pouting her lips.

I flinched and stepped back from her bumping into Skylar.

"Sorry , " I whispered not looking at him in the face.

He placed a finger on my chin and raised my head to look at him , " Why are you crying," he asked real low for my ears only.

"No reason , I'm going home now bye ," I said shaking him off.

I could still feel Enrique's gaze on me and I was trying my best not to look at him.

I turned around as Brandon was opening the door.

"Took you long enough gosh ," Tori said as the door open and Erica stood behind her laughing.

Enrique's whole crew was there and his cousins that where at the BBQ was all walking into Dot's Penthouse.

I took a deep breath.

"Mum , " Xion shouted extra loud gathering everyones attention to be on me and the twins.

My heart was hammering in my chest and my legs felt like they were giving up on me.

"Lisa ! Where the Fuck have you been !" Erica yelled !

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