AKB0048 Special I: The 38th Senbatsu Election (Part One)

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AKB0048 Special I: The 38th Senbatsu Election (Part One)


Nagisa's POV

Two months after the 00 defeated DES and Anti-00, the peace returned in our planet. And we, the AKB0048 members, are doing great in our performances.

As for me, I already succeeded Acchan and the Center Nova Position and of course the Position 0. Jobs are continuously coming for me. As for the kenkyuseei's, since their performance in the Position 0 concert, they grew popularity. Most popular among them are Matsuri Yuna and Sadagawa Yuna. Gravure photos of Rina are widely known and Yuna's dynamic dancing are being praised everywhere.

Unfortunately, Karen left the group to be with Mikato, which made Atsura really sad. All of us, grew and gained new abilities. And I didn't know back then that those abilities will be used soon.

"Good evening, 00." Tsubasa-san said.

 All members stood up and greeted her. "Good evening, Tsubasa-san."

"I know that we just held recently the ceremony for the heroism of some of our members who died to save our world. And I know that some of you are still grieving, but Sensei- Sensei has already decided that we will held the 38th Senbatsu Election next week. " All of us gasped at the news.

"Next week? Is it too soon?" Mimori-san asked.

"I know. And I also know the pressure that you will feel, but the 0048 Organization have already decided about it. Recently, 00's popularity and sales are declining that's why we need to take a step to prevent us from falling behind the others. We are the pioneers, that's why we must show them that we can do better." She said. Tsubasa-san grabbed her tablet and scanned for something.

                 She pushed some buttons and then a video started playing. A video of PHL48's RappappaV2.

"Hi, 00!" Tachan greeted us cheerfully. "So, I guess Tsubasa-san already told you about the news since you decided to call us."

"Nice to see you again, 00.  We would like to tell you first hand that we, the PHL48 will also be joining in the upcoming election." Takae said.

"Eh?!!PHL will be joining in the senbatsu?" Orine asked half shock.

"Yes. Marichi just informed us earlier. But only the 5 of us will be joining. The 0048 Organization Staff decided about it." Yuna-san explained.

"Do you think we will have a chance in winning, Acchan? In the previous election we didn't even got nominated or ranked." Yuuka whispered to me. I turned my head towards her face which cause us to bumped at each other.

"Argh. Nagisa! You such a klutz! Why did you turn your head?" She said while watching her forehead if it turned into a bruise. I was rubbing my forehead to minimize the pain I feel.

"I want to talk to you face to face that's why I turned my head." I said, still rubbing my forehead.

"The ORG. said that we will be doing a collaboration for the promotion of the election." Tomori-sama said.

"Collaboration?" the understudies asked curiously.

"That's right. And we, the ORG., decided to do it by VARIETY SHOW." Marichi-senpai said. But before we could react she continued to talk. "And if you asked why I said we, it's because I'm a staff in the ORG."

"Uhm. Tsubasa-san what is a VARIETY SHOW?!" Kyori asked.

 I think history repeat itself.

Kyori's PoV

"This is a VARIETY SHOW?!!!" I couldn't hold my self from shouting. How could I when I'm standing 345 meters from the ground. How can they let us do a Bunjee Jump this high?! Are they trying to kill us?

I'm still debating to myself if I should continue in doing this THING when someone suddenly pushed me which cause me to fall...and shout!!



"Why did you pushed me,huh,Atsura?" I'm currently scolding my fellow understudy, Atsura, the one who pushed me.

"Because I thought you forgot that how to jump. And besides you've been standing there for about half an hour. There are still five of us waiting there, you know?" she said while pouting. But did she think that I will let her escape from my lecture just by pouting?

I continued to scold Atsura when the someone barge in our room. Which later on I found out that it was Tachan.

"Yahoo Understudies! That was a great jump by the way Kyori." Tachan said, putting her hands on my shoulders. "Oh, by the way, I'm here because I will be your temporary manager."  She clapped her hands. "So girls, prepare for your next activity, gravure photo."

Nagisa's PoV

"Turn to your right. Bend down a little. Splash some water. Smile. Look to the camera. Pose."  Tomori-sama has been telling us the things that we should do. She's the one assigned to guide us in the gravure photo shoot. And I think the reason why she was chosen because she is recognized as the Best Model in the World.

"Remember this, when you take a photo shoot, you do not smile to the camera. You smile for the people who will see you and the people behind the camera. In simpler words, you smile for the fans and people who watches you not to the camera." She checked her watch and said to us, "Go to your next appointment. I will leave now because I still need to do my own photo shoot."

"Your next appointment will be dance and vocal practice." Tachan told us.



"Atsura! Move with the rhythm. Raise your left hand. Touch it with your right hand. Step towards the person next to you. Change places...Put your right hand in front your chest. Form a letter in using your fingers, use your thumb and index finger. And move it away from you."  We did what Yuna-san told us to do.

"And that's it! Good job everyone. But still, some of you are out of sync! Practice it more!" Marichi-senpai said.

All of us are still breathing so fast and so tired. Our dance practice is not this hard.

"Your lesson for today is-" she was cut off by all of us.

"There's more?!" we asked-shouted.

"Haha. What we did earlier is the dance practice and what we're going to say is the lesson."

"It doesn't matter if you are out of sync. Just show that you are doing your best and you are enjoying what you do. Because people would not mind your mistakes if you shine because you are who you are." After Yuna and Marichi said that line they left us with Takae-senpai.

"You heard them. Now, move your body and practice!"


Even though they went through too much hardship they still continued moving forward. They might not be great at singing and dancing but they are giving their best to make their dreams come true.


Support them by voting and supporting the 00 members...38th Senbatsu Election...


"And there you have it. Your first Senbatsu promotional video." Tsubasa-san turned off the television. "But let me remind you that you have only two weeks to gain and raise your popularity.Understudies, make sure that your training will pay off. " Everyone said yes and left the room.

This time...I will make it to the Senbatsu. For Chieri.

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