04 || Heartfelt Conversation

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After the family vacation, things have perfectly smooth for Khushali and Sidharth. They both were quite comfortable with each other and seeing this their families were happy. But they still were just friends, just more closer friends than they were before their marriage.

Khushali had resumed her work a month back and easily balanced out her personal and professional life. Sidharth's parent's had no issues with her continuing her job after her marriage as even Meher, after her marriage to Aditya, continued helping her father in handling his business.

Though at first when she joined her college back, her colleagues and students asked her various questions like why she got married all of a sudden, why she didn't inform them earlier etc. She very patiently answered all the questions which were thrown at her. 

If it would've been earlier then maybe she might have faced problem answering them but since her marriage to Sidharth, she had developed this confidence and self esteem which got lost somewhere after Sagar's death. Things had surely changed for Khushali ever since her marriage to Sidharth.

"Sidharth! Wake up! I'm getting late!" yelled Khushali while getting ready. Since last half an hour she was telling Sidharth to wake up and get ready. After she resumed her job, she would leave for her work at eight with Sidharth and usually come back in evening at six with Meher or with Sidharth if he wasn't busy.

After coming back from work, she would relax for an hour then cook dinner. Once the dinner was done, the Mehra family would sit together and talk about their day, after which they all retire to their rooms. And that was when Khushali and Sidharth would talk to each other about their day and then go to sleep. And so the routine went on.

"Five more minutes Khushali. Just five minutes!" said a sleepy Sidharth.

Khushali groaned and said irritatedly, "What yaar Sidharth? Since last half an hour you're saying just five more minutes. Get up Sidharth it's already 7 now. I have early lectures today. Get up yaar Sidharth." She qyucikly brushed her hairs and applied vermillion on her hair partition.

Once she was done with that, she turned back and looked at her husband, who was still sleeping. She went upto him angrily, sat near him and began to shook him furiously. Still he wasn't getting up. So having no choice she forcefully made him get up and sit on the bed.

Sidharth yawned and rubbed his eyes. He opened his eyes and saw his darling wife glaring at him with anger in her eyes.

Slowly his lips curved into a smile and said sarcastically, "Good morning wifey! What happened wifey, showering so much love on your hubby? You know you should write a book, '101 Rudest Ways to Wake Your Husband Up!' I'm damn sure it will be a bestseller!"

Khushali grimaced and said annoyedly, "No thanks! And Mr. Mehra the reason I have to wake you up like that is because you don't wake up until someone forcefully ends your beauty sleep. Now get up na Sidharth. I'm getting late! Please!" She whined at the last part of her sentence.

Sidharth made an irritated face and huffed, "Wifey can't you let your hubby sleep peacefully? Even my mom never woke me up like you do. Two days back, you dipped my fingers in that hot coffee. What if my fingers got burned or something?"

Khushali chuckled and said mockingly, "Haan I didn't think about that. If your fingers got burned then how will you impress your clients. No problem! Next time when you won't get up na then I'll throw a bucket of cold water on you. It wouldn't do any harm to you!"

Sidharth scowled at her and muttered, "Wifey don't mess with you hubby! Once I'll start troubling you na then you'll beg me to stop! You haven't seen the prankster Sidharth yet!"

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