I like him, I like him not, I Love him?

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I sat on the bench of the school cafeteria, today was the day after Arthur's funeral, man it sucked, people who did not even know him, or acknowledged him came, claiming they were sorry about the loss and that he was a good person blah blah blah, it got to me so much that to keep my cool, it was hard work.

I mean was It selfish of me to say that, I know but, I just thought it was wrong.

I did though see that Jake was trying to make it up, I mean he too was a person, and he too regretted things in his life he had done.

I am going to say, that I walked into a room and he happened to be there , crouched in a ball , I saw him , heard him cry , it broke my heart to see him like that, wait; why did I care how he felt, why should I care if he cried , he did this, and so I don't care.

Oh but I did.

I felt weird , each time I saw him, I felt my heart rate increase, my palms got sweaty, I felt dizzy, and I was speechless, well lost for words.

I suddenly felt a cold substance cover my face, then the rest of my torso and my bottom part. I gasped for air , and thought it was over, but boy was I wrong, I felt a rush of cold rocks fall down my body , then mushy substance hit my hair.

My mom is going kill me, I got my hair done for my flight, tomorrow is graduation, and also the day I leave for England.

Shady, I know, but I am going to join this club that helps me get to know campus well.

The liquid continued to pour on my body , I stayed perfectly still, emotionless, but the truth is that their were thousands of emotions going through me, I couldn't pick just one.

I heard cackling from the back, and sneers.

I smeared off the goo from my eye, I squinted a bit , my vision getting a bit better with each blink.

" What's wrong, cat's got your tongue, " she sneers.

"What the hell is wrong with you? " I screamed trying to keep In anger.

" What do you mean? Did I do something wrong, I'm sorry, didn't notice."

" How are you going to feel l when I tell Jacob this is what you are doing? " Cameron said. I smiled at her.

"Oh what, you're on her side now? Bitch, and you should know this was all his plan to get rid of you and the rest of your people, but I guess nature did that for me, and now I just had to get you out of the way. Then Jake and I could be a couple once again. "

" You are a liar , he wouldn't do that, he admitted to doing everything else but not this. He wouldn't do that to me...."

Or would he?

" You really think a couple confessions and tears would make him fall in love with you? Flash news Olive Oil, he is mine, it's going to take more than a hippo to tame him. Ask him yourself. And Cameron you shouldn't stick your nose in people's business, Dad won't like that. " she said.

I believed her for some reason, she was a bitch and everything, but not a liar... I think. But then again she was cruel, to her own sister.. well half sister.

I looked over at Cameron who had pity in her eyes,"Thank you, why did you do that stand up for me, you know you'll get in trouble?"

She smirked, " I rather have him end up with you than her, he doesn't deserve her , he is too... too you. He's your yang.... I'll see you again hopefully later. " she then turned into the loud crowd.

I tried passing by her , but her crew blocked me. A bunch of students, looked at me each of them unsure about what to do.

" Here in America, we do things a bit different, and do you know what we do with boyfriend stealing bitches; we humilate them."

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