Chapter #24: Brain Dead?

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Recap- to all of my readers who have seemed to forget what's happening.

Evan is in a coma from a football injury, just before he was about to make it onto an official team and move to Cleveland. He had left to boot camp just as Peyton discovered her unhealthy pregnancy. She had affected her unknown pregnancy by binge drinking on her birthday.

Peyton's Aunt and Uncle- otherwise known as her guardians had a baby which Peyton is yet to visit because of where she would stand in the new family.

Her Aunt and Uncle are aware of Evan's condition, and had told her that time doesn't last forever. The life support... will only get more expensive.

Peyton had an abortion and didn't think her decision would haunt her anytime soon.

Veronica abandoned the friendship with Peyton due to Peyton's decision of ceasing the baby and has not showed up since her surprise of the new apartment- that Peyton had declined.

Evan's position in the coma has not showed any signs of improvement.

Peyton got a job offer at a friend of Asher's huge business incorporation, but ran away due to the vibe Maverick- the owner/creator gave her.

Peyton has another chance to join the business since her run with college didn't go over so well by attending a formal business party that promotes the company.

Peyton is yet to decide what to do with her life at only 19... The stories only still beginning.


Everything was quiet, buzzing in my ears. I could feel my breathing fuse through my chest, my lungs, affecting my speech, my voice- my entire body. My hair was stuck sweaty to my face, my lips parted dangerously as I stared at the road ahead of me, my palms so tight on the wheel. I was speaking to myself- going crazy.

Evan's mother's voice rung repeatedly in my ears.

"Come now, oh Peyton come now, they said his heart fluttered!"

Come now, oh Peyton come now, they said his heart fluttered...

Come now, oh Peyton come now, they said his heart fluttered...

"Oh sweet God, oh my fucking God," I was hyperventilating at this point as I furiously turned the wheel, my tires screeching harshly against the pavement as I hit a curb and took a sharp right.

I was trying to slow down, I was trying to drive the speed limit of 60KM/H but it was impossible. My foot could not step off of the accelerator and at this point, I was flying 40 over the speed limit, surely getting many speed tickets on the way to the hospital. I was risking my life at this point but I sadly didn't seem to care.

My clammy hands reached for my phone sitting in the cup holder, bouncing loudly against the plastic of it as I hit bumps, potholes and every damn curb the road had.

I speed dialed Asher, my voice rumbling on it's own as I muttered prayers and hopes to God that everything was okay. Everything had to be okay, it had to be.

It couldn't end like this.

"Asher," my voice was soft at first, but it was like he had already known.

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