Prince Zuko

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"ALL HANDS ON DECK." Yells out a voice. You know very well who it belongs to. The most annoying boy on the face of the earth. Prince Zuko Akiyoshi. You groan as you sit up on your bed. Suddenly, a dark figure appears in front of you-as your eyes adjust; the shock goes away.

"hiya!" Your roommate smiles at you. You sigh, and roll your eyes. 

"Yeah,yeah, Now shut up-It's early." You say, as you swing my legs off the bed and start to get dressed in your normal worker clothes.

"Oh come'n...You gotta get used to it sooner or later." She smiles, sitting on the edge of her bed-above yours-swinging her legs.

"Ugh...why are you so annoying?" you ask her.

"I don't know...because I'" she giggles. You throw your shirt at her, this how You start your day of serving the bratty prince Zuko. 

"Aw. Come'n don't be so depressed-It's not too bad working on the ship. Chasin' that avatar all the time." She smiles at you.

"Yeah, the non-existent Avatar." You roll your eyes. "Check back to reality Kenna." You roll your eyes again. 

"Sshhhh...Don't let him hear you speak like that."  she snaps, making you jump. "You know Z-Prince Zuko doesn't like when people speak like that...It gets him down." She whispers to you. Kenna was one the Prince's best friend-and yours. She was the only one who could handle teaching you the rules of the ship-and the only one that you would listen to.

"Oh...sorry." you whisper.

"Any how. (YN)..Let's get going!" Kenna smiles at you, and starts to walk, happy-go-lucky. Like always.

"Alright..." you say, as you follow her on deck. That's when you see everyone preparing for something. You quickly rush to the Prince's side with Kenna.

"What is it?" She asks him. He stays silent for a minute before turning to you. 

"Prepare to land, and get my armor ready will you?" he asks-even though you know it's a command. You do so, and help him into it. You can't help but notice his muscles. You blush a bit, and he nods to you.

"Thank you." He smiles, and then you both head to deck. "(Y/N) there was a light, a powerful source that only the Avatar could create." You stifle a giggle, but he glares at you for it.  You and Kenna are forced to stay in your rooms the rest of the day, not that it's a problem for you. The two of you sit around playing some hand-type games. 

"Concentration. 64." You both say,  clapping your hands up and down. Your left facing up, and then down, and opposite with your right. "No repeats. Or Hesitation." 

"I'll start." Kenna smiles.

"Oh-kay!" You reply with a smile as well. 

"Ocean." Kenna says, as your hands keep the repetitive beat.

"Kenna." You smile, and she smiles back.

"(Y/N)" She giggles, and the door opens behind her.

"P-Prince zuko?" you say, stopping the hand movements. Kenna laughs.

"You lose!" She says, and the colour drains out of your face. She looks and her face turns paler then normal, except the small red triangle tattoo's on her cheeks. "Oh." she says. 

"The Avatar has returned." He smiles, and walks over to Kenna. "I need you on the upper deck, watching for all signs." He says, and Kenna nods running out the door. He then looks down a bit sheepishly. "(Y/N) listen. We have never been on good terms, perhaps we never will." He starts, and you notice a bit of blush on his face. "I just wanted to say, Thank you for all your help, and even though I know you thought this was nonsense...It's what drove me to finding him. I had to prove you-and the rest of the Fire Nation wrong." he smiles. "Forgive me for being so harsh?" you smile, and nod.

"Yeah. I guess I can." You smile, and he puts his arm around your shoulders.

"Good. Now come on. We've got work to do." He gives you a friendly push, and you push him even lighter back. you both laugh, and you can tell, this is going to be the start of a brand new-wonderful-chapter.

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