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a/n: loosely based on the song Littlething by Jimmy Eat World. After a long battle with writer's block, this song came down like an angel and granted me inspiration. I hope you like this :-)

"I'll see you tomorrow, man. Don't overwork yourself, yeah?"

Calum looked up from his laptop screen at Ashton, and nodded. "Don't worry. I'll be out before midnight."

"It's Christmas Eve, Calum," Ashton reminded him, giving him a friendly smile before shrugging his blazer on and leaving Calum's office room with a slight wave.

As soon as the door snapped shut behind the sandy-haired man, Calum was right back at it, typing away on his computer. He didn't have any family to spend the night with anyways, and he had declined all invitations to Christmas parties hosted by his colleagues. He just wanted to work, and get his mind off of his current social situation: three friends, out of which one he may or may not be in love with. It was eating away at him, but he couldn't possibly do anything about it. It was just a little thing, anyways, buried under all the other things in his life.

But now that he had let thoughts of the blond into his mind, they wouldn't leave. Calum sighed, leaning back in his desk chair and running a hand through his brown locks, looking out of the large window to his left. On the window sill were two drooping plants, but at that time, he couldn't be bothered about them. He looked past them, onto the street outside. The sun had almost completely set, seeing as it was a winter night and the sun seemed eager to part with the cold weather. The street-light bordering the street was shining, an artificial orange light that Calum had grown accustomed to, due to his many late nights. The street was devoid of people, rather unusual for this time of night, but it made sense, given the circumstances. There couldn't be that many others in the same situation as him. People had families and friends they wanted to be with. Calum only had one person he wanted to be with, and somehow, the fact that they shouldn't be alone on Christmas Eve eluded him.

With a weary sigh, he turned back to the laptop shining in his face. He ignored the framed photo beside the screen, willing himself to not look at it out of fear of caving. He wasn't going to cave; he wasn't going to call. He couldn't. It would mortify him, and he couldn't risk losing one of the only friends he had in this strange town that he had been calling home for the past seven years.

One would think that seven years would be enough to form a social circle, to have friends and be willing to spend time with them. But no, Calum just wasn't sociable. He had met Luke and Michael through Ashton, one of his colleagues and the first person who had talked to him when he joined the office. Sure, he spoke to his other colleagues and would sometimes see them outside of the office, but it would never go further than a cup of coffee and maybe a mediocre croissant from the sketchy cafe only a block away from the building. Other than that, he really only just spent time with Ashton, Michael (and his significant other of the season), and Luke.

Luke. Just the name made his heart pang. Calum didn't know what it was about the blond that made him so endearing. It couldn't possibly be his uncanny ability to trip over every single table leg, or his stupid lip ring that he had outgrown years ago but still kept in. Or maybe it was just that. Maybe it was Luke's inability to quite grow up or fit in that made Calum adore him so much.

Luke worked for a concert venue in the city, something to do with the stage set-up and lighting. Calum wasn't quite sure what his position was, but he knew that it was something completely different from what Calum did. It wasn't a boring desk job at an accounting firm, complete with wilting plants at the windowsill and paper clips lying all over the desk. It was something fresh, something exciting... Something Calum could never live up to.

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