Chapter 8- A Gentle Heart

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Note: Hi guys! If you haven't read How to be a Queen yet, I beg you... Please read it first to better understand this story. In this chapter, I explained things about the Underworld and the Afterlife which has been discussed more thoroughly in How to be a Queen. There's even an entire chapter dedicated for that.

Please read it first? Thanks!


February 15
The Kitchens
The Underworld Palace


“So... It’s Saturday weekend. Do you... err... Do you have something else to do?” Thanatos asked. I was really taken aback by his question.

I swallowed my mouthful of cereal and looked at him.

“Nope. I’ll be here all day.” I answered.

“Great. Do you want to go with me?” he asked.


“I’ve neglected my job long enough... I’m going to work. Want to go and see what I do?” he asked. I traced a hint of eagerness in his voice. But it was masked by his nervousness and his doubt of himself.

I know what my dad does but I never knew what Thanatos did.

“What is it exactly that you do? What’s your job?” I asked him. I took another spoonful of cereal and chewed as I waited for him to answer.

Thanatos took his time answering. It was as if he was looking for the right words to say. I inclined my head to one side in inquiry when he looked at me.

“Hades is the Lord of the Realm. He is my King. He has the ability to control darkness and the shadows and to decide about things related to death. He can choose to release a shade from the Underworld and give it another chance... But he cannot take a person’s life using his power. It is what I do.”

“Uhm. Can you elaborate on that, please?”

“Let’s put it this way. If Hades wanted someone to die, for their soul to be separated from the body and for its mortal shell to crumble, he can do that using his power of the shadows and darkness. Or his power as a God. Or he could do it with a sword, a knife, a rock or any weapon. If I wanted someone to die, I need only look at that person and its soul will separate from its body instantly. Or I could think of a way like heart attack, car accident, etc. and it shall happen.” He explained.

Shivers raced down my spine the moment he was done. It was really creepy.

“So it is because of you people die?” I asked.

“No... It is not because of me. It is because of the Fates’ design that someone dies. They might weave a short pattern of life for that person or they may cut the strings of his life. And when that time comes, I am there and I separate the soul from the body.”

“So you’re like the Grim Reaper.” I told him.

Confusion flared in his eyes and he looked at me as if he did not understand. I sighed. I kept forgetting that he asked my dad to chain him to a cave for two thousand years.

“It’s a mortal thing. The Grim Reaper is a sort of fictional character. He is said to be the one who comes to separate the souls from their body and bring it to its afterlife.” I explained.

“Then I think it is true. Based from your words, I am this Grim Reaper.” Thanatos replied.

“How do you know when it’s time for someone to die?” I asked.

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