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These characters and locations do not belong to me. The Harry Potter world is the brilliance of JK Rowling. I am using them for Fanfiction purposes only. Thank you.

WARNING: This chapter contains some explicit language (swear words).

"Oh merlin! I'm gonna fail! I will not get into next years Newts and I will never get the job I want. I'll have to work with my parents! I'll have to be a muggle and-"


We were hurrying down the busy hallway, shoving past rushing students with worried faces as they all tried to get to their last exam. The towering golden pillars that were Hogwarts' walls shimmered around me, as painting yelled 'good luck's to all the students.

I was blocking it out. This, of course, was my pre-exam ritual. It always consisted of me freaking out, pondering on the meaning of my future life and somehow managing to erase all the things I had studied from my head.

Melody was biting a lock of her blond hair, squeezing through people, and looking worried. "You're freaking me out! Stop!"

The crowd was getting tighter as people got closer to the Grand Hall where the Defence Against The Dark Arts exam was being held. I bit my lip. "I'm sorry," I said apologetically. "I'm just really worried. You know me."

"I do, Lily, and I know that you'll do great," she huffed, shoving through the compact space. "What the hell is going on? It shouldn't be this packed?"

Just then a noise echoed through the hall. A voice. I knew that voice. "LEAVE ME ALONE, POTTER!"


The crowd laughed at something and I grabbed Melody's hand and dragged her to the front of the commotion.

I front of me stood Potter, a smirk stamped on his face as he pointed his wand at Severus, who was doing the same in response. They were both poised and ready to chuck curses at each other.

"What's wrong, Snivellus? Too scared to fight?" Potter laughed and so did lots of the crowd.

In the olden days, I would have interfered. I would have stood in front of Severus and kicked Potter where the sun don't shine, but that was before all that Severus had done. He had promised he wouldn't, always promised, but he had done it.

He had called me a Mudblood.

He had had the nerve to offend my family and told me that I was dirty: we were supposed to be friends. Best friends and he had done that to me. I would never forgive him. He was just as bad as Potter, and this? This just proved it.

"I'm not in the mood for this," I muttered. Clasping Mel's hand tighter, I pulled her after me as I stormed through their inner circle.

"Evans!" James exclaimed. He sounded concerned. Probably worried about getting his pretty little head blown of by Severus. "Get out of here!"

Not looking at him, I carried on forwards. "I plan to!" I yelled.

Mel was stumbling behind me, but I didn't care, we were going to be late and I was not going to let Potter and Severus make me fail this exam.

"Lily!" I heard Sev yell, but I just kept walking. The wave of people separated, making us a walkway as they stared.

When we finally escaped, I released Mel and she sighed in relief. "Really Lily, I can walk on my own!"

"I know, but-"

The doors of the Great Hall were swinging shut. We ran through them just at the last minute and were met by many disapproving stares as we took in a breath.

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